Pink and Gold Reese's

Does anyone know of a place to buy just pink or gold reese's? Well, specifically pink, gold is a lot easier since that is the standard color. The Easter bags are out now that have the pink, but I hate to buy so many to get enough, and have the other colors I don't need laying around. I need about 100 pink ones, and 100 gold. 

I found one website that had them (Sugarman's), but the shipping was $20 which seemed really high. 

Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure, but keep in mind, chocolate has a shelf life.  I wouldn't buy Easter candy unless I was planning on using it within a couple of months or so.
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    Personally, I would just buy the regular reeses when your wedding comes near and put them in bags or boxes that coordinate with your wedding colors.  And if this is for a candy bar then the wrappers really don't have to coordinate with your color scheme.  People will be just as happy eating a reeses that comes out of its original wrapper as opposed to a pink one.

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    The best wedding favor I ever got a was regular sized reeses bar. It was handed to us on the way out.
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    This site has red foil (not pink). Their shipping is $10.95. They had a booth at the Houston Rodeo but I have not ordered from them. For my favors I had pink jordan almonds made in to flowers. They cost about $1 each if you buy the pieces and put them together yourself.




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    Those flower almonds are cute!

    They're going to just be on the table, kind of around the plates, no candy bar. I got 2 big bags of the Easter kind and have about half the amount of pink I need, so if I get 2 more I should be good on pink, and then a bag of just gold. I'm committed to the Reese's because I got labels for them on Etsy. The other colors won't go to waste, I'll take them to my school and have some in my treasure box, FI will eat them, etc. I just didn't want the temptation. Thankfully the bags seem to have the most pink, which is what I need. 
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