Any Atlanta Brides using Del'Evant in LaGrange, Ga?

My fiance and I live in Atlanta and have looked at several event spaces here in the city and haven't found one that fit our budget and style.  We decided to venture out to Del'Evant in LaGrange and LOVED it. 
We both felt like the place is our style (and they let you bring your own caterer and alcohol as well, which is rare). However,it's a long drive (at least an 1 1/2 hour drive from most of our in-town guests).  

I wanted to check into see if any other brides who live in the city are using or have used this space and what your experience was and if any guests complained. I just don't want to inconvenience people. 


Re: Any Atlanta Brides using Del'Evant in LaGrange, Ga?

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    I live in LaGrange and have been to a few different events there--one wedding, one 50th anniversary party and one fundraiser dinner--and had a great time at all of them.  I have never heard anything negative about having an event there--it seems like they are very easy to work with!
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