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Day of the wedding - will I have time for this?

Hi everyone!

I am really wanting to surprise my three bridesmaids and Mom to 30 minute massages at a great salon.  Then I want all of us to meet my sister and law and my fiance's sister for lunch and then go get manicures/pedicures.  I'm thinking I'll just slip an extra "vip" invitation in their invitations and just ask them to meet at my house at x time (sister in law and FI's sister at the lunch place) fully packed and ready to go to the vunue afterwards.

My question is am I crazy?!?!  Am I freaking nuts for thinking I have time for this?  My wedding is at 6:30 - and we can't enter the venue till 4:30.  I am getting the venue's package and a day of coordinator so I don't think I'll have to do much but set out some center pieces, get my make up done and do my hair (doing it myself but have practiced many times and allready have it down to 15 minutes), I'm doing brooch bouquets, so I don't have to go to the florist or anything.  So I'm thinking I have all day to relax and get beauty done with my girls.  All of you who have done this before am I missing something?  Is there a ton of running around I'll need to do that I'm not considering?  I'm getting massages to relax me, but of course being low on time will stress me out more than anything so I'm hoping to get your advice. 


Re: Day of the wedding - will I have time for this?

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    I think you're crazy and no you won't have time.  Do this the day before the wedding because it's not a bad idea.  I thought I had plenty of getting ready time.  My wedding was at two and the hair stylists came to my house at 8 in the morning.  Two hair stylists did my hair plus five others and a make up artist did my make up.  The girls did their make up and got dressed at my house.  Just doing our hair, make up and getting dressed took five hours with three different people working on us.  So many things can happen on your wedding day and you need a ton of buffer space to prepare for them.  It would be better for you to sleep in, have a nice big breakfast and take your time doing your hair, make up and getting dressed or taking lots of awesome pictures before hand.  If you cram all this other stuff in, you'll actually end up feeling more stressed because of the time.  
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    I agree.  You want as much extra time as possible on the day of your wedding, and the massages and mani/pedis will take quite a bit of time.  You don't want to be throwing on your dress 10 minutes before you walk down the aisle.

    Why don't you make the massage and mani-pedi appointments for the day before the wedding?  I did that, and it was so much more relaxing because I wasn't on a time crunch.  It was a really fun and memorable day.

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    Yes. I agree with the PPs. Do this pamper party on the day before. You don't want to be rushed on the day of your wedding when your goal is to relax & unwind. 

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    I agree with it another day....
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    No, don't even think about it.  I thought I had so much more time for my day of than I really did.  All I had to do was pick up the flowers, put the favors and escort cards and flowers in the country club (10 minutes from the florist) and get hair/makeup done (also only 10 minutes away).  We started at 9 and the next thing I know, the ceremony was starting.
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    You won't enjoy it and will be too stressed which is the opposite of what you need.  Do it another day.
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    Keep the day as uncluttered as possible. I highly recommend just dealing with your own hair and makeup and that of your bridal party, stocking in a central location on food for the day (lunch, breakfast, whatever applies) and hanging out as much as possible. 

    I put a little to much onto the day and was kind of a wreck before the wedding as a result.
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    Honestly, I wasn't rushed my wedding day.  We had nothing to do other than go to the salon and then get dressed.  We had 7 of us who got our hair done at the salon from 2 different girls, plus 7 make-up appointments by 1 girl.  We started at 8:30 and were all about before 12:30.  I was very relaxed and drinking mimosas and enjoying my morning with my girls.  Then we went back to my parents and had lunch, then sat around drinking some champagne before getting dressed.  My ceremony started at 3, so i didn't get dressed til close to 2.  I didn't feel stressed at all, but I also didn't have much to do. 

    You're situation is completely different.  You are involving lots of people, and different places.  There is too much room for error there.  The one thing on your side though is that you can't be there until 4:30.  Personally, I have had many massages, and while they are relaxing, I usually feel like crap after.  I want a nap, and I have a headache from the toxins being released.  It is the last thing I would want on my wedding day.  Also, as a PP said, I always want to take a shower after to get the oil off.

    My best recommendation is to do the massages the night before, and you can do the mani/pedis the morning of the wedding.  Much less running around to do, and I've never felt like crap from a mani/pedi.  Then if you have extra time enjoy a lunch with your girls. 

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    [QUOTE] Personally, I have had many massages, and while they are relaxing, I usually feel like crap after.  I want a nap, and I have a headache from the toxins being released.  It is the last thing I would want on my wedding day.  Also, as a PP said, I always want to take a shower after to get the oil off.
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    Ditto.  Plus I have had marks on my back (sensitive skin) that wouldn't look very nice in a strapless dress.
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    My best friend just got married in June and her wedding was at 6:00 and we had plenty of time for lunch and mani/pedis. We got up at like 8 and had to be at the venue at 4 for photos. We got to the salon at 9 I think and myself and the other BM got manis and the bride got a mani/pedi. If its a larger salon with enough people so that everyone is getting something at the time I see no reason you would be rushed. We went to lunch at 11 and by the time we were done the bride went to get her hair and makeup done and the other BM and I went back to the brides house, did our own hair and makeup and were ready by 3 and that included watching the World Cup for quite sometime. I never once felt rushed. The brides hair did take a little longer than it was suppose to so in the end we were like 10 min late, but if you know exactly how long your hair will take you should be fine.

    I do agree with the PP's about the massages though. I would do that the day before.
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