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Pre-wedding Parties

Welcome Party

My family and my fiances family mostly live at least a state away and some people are coming from the complete other side of the country. My mother and I are trying to think of a good way to welcome all of these out of town guests. I need some ideas, who am I supposed to invite, and what is proper etiquette of these parties? 

Re: Welcome Party

  • Some people choose to do welcome bags in the hotel rooms of guests, these can include things like local items (like if your state/town is really known for some type of food), basic necessities, maybe even a few things to see/do/eat while they are there since they may get there a full day before your wedding. Another option would be to invite them to the RD and host them/welcome them there. A final option could be to host a breakfast the morning after/before the wedding depending on your timeline so that you can say hello/goodbye again since they traveled so far away. 

    As far as inviting, as long as they are invited to the wedding they can be invited to any wedding related event. This should include their SOs (and if you are inviting their children them as well).

    If you are welcoming them at the RD, make sure you properly host (i.e. pay) for your guests. If it is an event after the wedding, like the breakfast, you can have it be more informal and simply be present. Some brides have done a simple "We'll be downstairs at the hotel breakfast room from 7-9 am so if you'd like to stop by we'd love to chat and say goodbye".
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