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Nevada-Las Vegas

Transporting Wedding Dress


I will be flying from Wyoming to Las Vegas and I'm in need of some suggestions for transporting my wedding dress. Should I get it steamed prior? Fly with it? Have my maid of honor transport it in her vehicle since she is driving? Mail it? I will arrive Friday afternoon and my wedding is Saturday at 5pm. From the sounds of it the Golden Nugget cant guarentee it can be steamed and returned prior to my wedding. What are my options??? What should I do? Please help!

Re: Transporting Wedding Dress

  • I would say that you fly with it and get it steamed when you get there. I am keeping my dress with me as it is one of the most important things. If you trust your MOH to ensure it's safety, that would be the cheapest and easiest route. 
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  • I definitely wouldn't do any prep work prior to flying; chances are it will get wrinkled somewhat to heavily. 

    The popular options for transport are:

    1) Ship it, either to your hotel or to someone who will be steaming/pressing it, such as Fit for a Bride.
    2) Carry on and sweet talk them into stashing it hanging in the first class closet (if on a first class plane)
    3) Carry on and stick it in an overhead.  Most of the time other passengers will be nice about this but you never know how full the flight will be and if it will be packed with jerks.
    4) Buy an extra seat for it.
    5) Pack it in a suitcase if a) the risk of luggage loss, damage or theft doesn't freak you out, and b) it's small enough and you were planning on steaming it anyway.

    My wife did the extra seat route on Southwest.  The cost for the one way seat at that point in time was $150.  It would have cost more than that to FedEx it with the proper insurance.

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  • I carried mine on the plane. It was very clear it was a wedding dress and the flight attendants helped me out. Also, I was sitting in First Class, so YMMV.

    I thought about having someone else bring my dress, but just the thought of it brought on so much stress... I wanted to be wherever my dress was.

    Not sure what to do about your dress steaming though. Have you talked to other vendors about it?
  • I carried mine on the plane. They stored it in the first class closet, but wouldn't commit to this until they knew there was space.

    I'm glad we did it this way, but carrying it through the airport was a huge pain! Especially when we went to the wrong terminal, had to take a shuttle to the right terminal, then had to take another shuttle to rental cars...

  • I bought a carry on garment bag and planning on keeping it in there stowed overhead so I don't lose sight of it. I'm flying via Air Canada and they said as I am NOT a first class passenger, I cannot have access to the first class closet :(

    An easy trick for steaming is to run a hot shower and hang the dress in the bathroom.

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  • I flew with mine. I put mine in a carry on suitcase and brought it aboard smooshed in with my hubby's tux. I stored it like a normal carry on in the overhead. 

    I steamed it when I got to Vegas, it was fine and it saved me the stress of getting worked up about carrying it on. It was AWESOME!
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