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Y'all, it's been a whole week.

I can't believe that tonight makes one week since we got married. I'm so happy because it went perfectly and all of the planning madness is finally over, but I feel this crazy sense of emptiness. Planning that wedding was all I thought about for the last year of my life. Any other March brides feeling this way after their big day?
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Re: Y'all, it's been a whole week.

  • I am trying to figure out what to do at work. I get a lot of down time, so I've just been hanging out on the boards, looking at houses (our next adventure) and looking into what we can do for H's bday. Its in August but.....I have all this time. lol.


  • I feel the same way :( 
    Everything went perfectly and I'm so happy it's over but I do feel the emptiness you're talking about.. Our wedding was my life for an entire year. 
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