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Lipstick Help!

I am trying to find a lipstick for the wedding day that won't dry out my lips and won't come off on my hubby because I plan to be doing lots of kissing that day lol 
I naturally have really dry lips even though I scrub and moisturize regularly. Does anyone have any suggestions of lipsticks that will last all day and won't transfer but also won't dry out your lips?

Re: Lipstick Help!

  • I got an hourglass opaque liquid lipstick (link below) trial when I was at sephora last and I personally love it so much! It doesn't dry out my lips and lasts me all day. They have trials for $10 so it wasn't completely splurging on something to find out it doesn't work how you intend. 

    I've also heard amazing things about MAC prolong wear, which I'm making a point to try out before my wedding. I usually "test" lipsticks by wearing them before I go out to dinner/for drinks and see how often I have to reapply during/after. 

    I'd also recommend either asking sephora girls for samples (if you have a store near you) as they'll be happy to give you one, or worst case get a few lipsticks/stains from some stores and see how they last. I've never got something that I couldn't return! 

  • Thank you so much! I will try that one, the colors look great!

  • I bought a MAC Pro Longwear for the wedding. I still have six months to go, but I'm trying to wear the lipstick to different 'events' to see how it reacts and holds up.

    So far I love it. They warned me it would be drying so definitely prep your lips. I haven't experienced severe drying but a bit of it, so if you are prone to drying I would be aware of that.

    As for longevity it definitely lasts. I put it on in the morning and it lasted through coffee, food, kissing, and even dabbing at my lips.Just need to reapply a gloss ever so often. Definitely would recommend a liner with it as well. And letting it set for several minutes after application before putting gloss on.
  • Thanks, I'll check out that one too. MAC always has great stuff but yea I guess I just need to buy a few and try them out to see how they hold up. Thanks again :) 
  • So I'm on the same hunt and I would not recommend the Sephora Lip Cream Stain. It drys really nice and doesn't transfer until you get it wet. I was testing it out last week and the second a drank coffee and it got wet it transferred to my mug and when I dabbed my lips a lot came off. Eating with it was also an adventure there was red all over my food from it.
  • Thanks @lizz0915 , I will definetly keep that in mind!
  • Hi!
    I love Urban Decay Lip Pencils! They stay on really well and are moisturizing.
    • Exfoliate
    • Find a good moisturizer
    • Lip primer
    "If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything  until you get it".
  • YES. love Urban Decay lip pencils. 

    Any recommendations for lip primers??
  • @Kate71421
     A good lip primer is by too faced about $20. Ill put the link below:

    "If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything  until you get it".
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