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Where to begin???

Ok I don't know how else to put this. I AM SO LOST! SO OVERWHELMED and we haven't even set a date!!! I am not a Monica (From friends). I don't have a Notebook with my perfect wedding planned. So here is my questions.. 
1. Is there anyone out there like this?
2. Where did you start?
3. Tips? Advise? etc..

Anything !!!! 
Please and Thanks

Re: Where to begin???

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    If you plan on planning the whole thing yourself, get a wedding book from Barnes and Noble. They are huge binders with literally everything in it. I have one and I take it with me everywhere. If the thought of planning stresses you out, or terrifies you, it's time to start talking to wedding planners! Also, CONGRATS :)
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    I was very overwhelmed when I started as well, but just step back and take each task one by one. We focused on 3 things when we started wedding planning: date / guest list & budget / venue; then from there, other vendors started coming into place.
    1. What month / season do you want to get married?
    2. Set a budget. How much do you want to spend vs how much you can afford because you will want to have a cushion as you speak with vendors. What does the guest list look like, how many guest will you expecting will translate on how much space you will need when looking at your possible venues.
    3. Once that's locked down, what type of style are you looking for? What is important to you and your fiance? Beach view, small intimate, grandoise, etc.

    Setting the date and finding the right venue will be the hardest but will ease you once it's done!

    As hashtag42316 mentioned, B&N does sell binders that will help you through! If you're pretty organized and/or OCD like me, you can start your own binder and divide each section by category: venue, flowers, entertainment, catering, etc. Make sure to include folders in your binder so you can insert any print-outs, contracts, etc that you may want to keep in it.

    There are also pre-made excel sheets to help w your budget and wedding check-lists online that can help you. I have an excel sheet for my budget, guest-list, and vendor comparisons. I also have a check-list to keep me on track that's broken down in 3 month increments.

    Anyways, I hope this helps!! (Perhaps, my new calling is wedding planning after I finish my own...!)

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    I am much more comfortable with this now. I am even helping my friends and giving them advice. I guess I needed a plan and to breath a little. 
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