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Industrial/Raw/Warehouse Venue in Upstate NY!

Hello all!

I am currently on the hunt for an industrial/raw venue in Upstate NY. The Capital Region has quite a lot to offer as far as 'country clubs' but that is simple not our taste! The only place that I've come across with the industrial feel we are going for is the Basilica Hudson (which is beautiful!) but we are looking to get married in December and they don't rent through the winter. The exposed brick and uniqueness is just what we're looking for - doesn't have to be as 'raw' though.

 Any suggestions would be helpful - thank you so much!!

Re: Industrial/Raw/Warehouse Venue in Upstate NY!

  • The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is Brown's Brewing Co./Revolution Hall in Troy, NY. Most of it is in an old brick building and it seems like it is similar to what you are looking for. My FI and I are considering having our rehearsal dinner here actually, and they have been very responsive to my emails so far. 

    I had another idea too, which is Catskill Point, but they are only open May-October, and you mentioned that was an issue with other places too. I hope that helps though! 

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