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Vegas 2016 brides?

Hi all,
Eloping to Vegas from the UK in early March 2016. We're staying at the Bellagio and marrying at the Little White Chapel, then dinner at the Mix lounge. Staying four days in Vegas in total, then heading to Florida for 7 nights in Disney and 4 in Miami.

Who else is marrying in 2016? Come and say hello! 

Re: Vegas 2016 brides?

  • We're not booked yet, but we're looking at April/May 2016. Just booked the flights for our scouting trip today!
  • @xoeden, I look forward to hearing all about your scouting trip, how exciting!
  • Please post in the sticky thread at the top of the Vegas forum once you have dates locked down; would love to add some more 2016 folks to the knotties list.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Please post in the sticky thread at the top of the Vegas forum once you have dates locked down; would love to add some more 2016 folks to the knotties list.

    Will do. :)
  • Hi
    I am may 11th 2016. Getting married at flamingo chapel then doing DDB for photos followed by trevi. I'm coming from UK so havent been able todo scouting trip. We're staying a week in vegas and a week in LA. Iv been to Miami and felt unsafe a lot of the time. Florida nice. U should look at San fransisco it's lovely x
  • @vegasgroom, will do :-)

    @amiexx, I used to work on cruise ships sailing out of Miami, so I know the place. We staying at a very posh hotel by the beach, so should be ok. San Francisco is indeed lovely, and so is the flamingo chapel, congratulations! Are other people coming with you?

  • We are getting married in August 2016 at Aria. We are then planning on doing a road trip honeymoon by flying to LA spending 4-5 days in LA then driving along route 1 to San Fran and then back to the UK, so all in all 17 days in the US. 
    We both LOVE the US and have always wanted to go to Las Vegas so we decided why not combine the two. 
    I have had some fabulous holidays when I was younger in Florida and my partner was made very welcome when he was posted to the US for a few weeks with the British Army (its his favourite posting so far). I decided if we were going to spend so much money I wanted to make it a holiday of a lifetime. :) I absolutely adore this forum (slightly obsessively) its helped me so much with stuff. I'm already so excited!!!
  • @lauradean89 Sounds awesome! I am very excited too. Plus as we speak, a bunch of my friends are in Vegas on a stag do and posting the most amazing pictures.
    I've been to San Francisco, but never to LA. It's certainly in my "to visit" list :-)

  • Do you have any recommendations with San Fran? One of my friends that I know from work went to a wedding in Las Vegas last April and all the photo's she posted are amazing and gave us the original idea. I have all the lonely planet travel guides which I am dipping in and out of. I have found the Las Vegas one quiet helpful. I like this forum too as I have found people can be quiet judgemental when you tell them you are having a wedding abroad and especially when its in Vegas! Feel like part of a little community on here that just 'get it' :D
  • @lauradean89 not many tips, it was quite a long time ago. I went for work but managed to find a little time to have some lovely seafood and do some sightseeing.
    We are not telling anybody about it. As far as people are concerned, we are going to Disney and Miami next year. We will probably update Facebook once we're married :-) 
  • Ah that's so lovely! I love seafood so it sounds right up my street!! 
  • We are getting married July 8. Getting married and reception at McMullen's Pub. Beauty bt Bri for hair. Drago Sisters for cupcakes and Wedding Wagon officiating. All are booked. Staying in Vegas total of 7 days.
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  • So... there is quite a while to go and not a lot to do! I am a project manager so planning is what I do for a living.
    To "pass the time" I have several projects going on:

    1- I have decided to do my own nails for the wedding and honeymoon. I want a different style for each, so I have three different manicures to perfect between now and then. 
    I started a blog about it, mainly for myself, to track my progress and help me improve my techie skills.

    2- I will be doing the #100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram as the day approaches (the idea is to do the last post on my wedding day). I did this last year, and it was a great way of staying in the moment and appreciating the small things in life that make us happy.

    3- My newest hobby is homemade pasta. I bought a pasta making machine and I have graduated from linguine to green fettuccine and this weekend I tried ravioli for the first time. Does need improving but they were quite nice. I might add some of my pasta making exploits to my blog although nails + pasta do seem like a bit to random to put in the same blog!

    Also looking forward to a couple of trips between now and then and a 100k walk I'm doing in June, eek!

  • 2- I will be doing the #100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram as the day approaches (the idea is to do the last post on my wedding day). I did this last year, and it was a great way of staying in the moment and appreciating the small things in life that make us happy.

    I love this idea, that's so sweet! Save all of your photos and get a book made out of it at the end. :) I did a positivity challenge in December, and it was amazingly inspiring. :)
  • That is such a good idea. My job is incredibly stressfull and I sometimes need something to remind me that there is something positive everyday (even when I want to pull all my hair out). I love the idea of putting them into a book as well! I have another 391 days to wait until I can start
  • Yes, 232 days until I start :-)

  • That is such a good idea!! I wish I would have done it...
    I guess I could do #30HappyDays, although I would have to get a smaller book! haha
  • @terrimx, do the full hundred, you can include the honeymoon, etc. 
  • Hi getting marry in 2016 as well in vegas
  • We're looking at a October 2016 date.  We go out for a scouting trip in September, and are hoping to decide on a location for the ceremony on that trip.  It's about our fifth (sixth?) trip as a couple to Vegas, so we're looking forward to figuring out a way to incorporate some of our favorites into the wedding, so we can share those with our favorite people!
  • We are getting married 3-12-16, but off strip location more towards Henderson area.
  • We are getting married 11-12-16, hopefully ceremony at Juno Garden and reception at Serendipity 3 with a meet and greet at the Cosmopolitan. We are planning a scouting trip this November and couldn't be more excited!

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  • Getting married 4/8/16 at the Flamingo, then a DDB rolling cocktail hour/tour, ending at the Orleans. We booked a Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan for the week as the wedding HQ. If you reach out to them, they offered a fantastic rate for the week :)
  • How much cheaper was it for a weekly rate compared to nightly, @Knottie00075450?
  • 3/12/16 at the Golden Nugget. Still researching reception ideas!! 
  • We are getting married October 8, 2016 up in Mt. Charleston.  We live in Henderson so we wanted to do something different.  We will probably have the reception at the convention center.

  • FuchsiavisionFuchsiavision member
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    Hello all,

    We are getting married at the Aria on 27th sept 2016

    Reception is TBD as we've booked the swimming pool location which means it all kicks off at 20:30 - Let the nightmares begin ;)
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    We're getting married in 2016! June 15 at little chapel of the flowers.

    Still trying to tie down our bridal party (we're a destination wedding coming from the UK) so things like dinner in the evening are still undecided.

    I also can't decide on make up & hair, so any suggestions are most welcome!

  • We are getting ready to book for July 23, 2016! Doing everything at the Cosmopolitan, in the wedding suite. We are only having about 20 - 25 guests so this should be fine...can't wait!!
  • September 4, 2016 at the Aria! :D So excited to see this thread!
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