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Wedding Website - redirected to 'Wedding Club'


     Our Guests trying to access our Knot Wedding Website in Australia get redirected to the 'Wedding Club' when putting in our URL and can not get onto our Website itself at all.

The URL works fine where we are in the UK and have tried on multiple platforms so I am baffled as to why guests there cannot access our website and are getting redirected.

Any help ?


Re: Wedding Website - redirected to 'Wedding Club'

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    Hi @Knottie30536660,

    So sorry about these issues! There's been a fixed pushed out but it may take up to two more days for your guests in Australia to see the changes. 

    We're very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, if you're still experiencing difficulties by the end of the week please let me know!

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    There is now a new error when our guests have tried to access the website. Once the URL is typed a server error appears.

    I have attached a file which has a screenshot of this.

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    Has there been any update or an ETA on resolving this?

    Any chance you could keep us informed as I know there are a few on this site that have printed the website on invites and cards for Aussie guests.  
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