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Anyone sell a dress on Recycled Bride or similar site?

Hi, I haven't had my wedding yet, but I bought a dress on ebay and while it was everything it was advertised and gorgeous, I don't think it's flattering to my body type and would need a lot of alterations to fit me correctly. I bought the dress on ebay because I'm on a tight budget so this is a problem. On a whim today I listed it on Recycled Bride, but I didn't pay the extra money to get it listed on the front page so I doubted anyone would even see it.  Hours later I get a message saying "I would like to purchase the dress" with contact info and nothing else. There were no questions about the dress, which I thought was odd but I did try to give a thorough description.

Now I'm panicking because this will mean I'm back to no dress, and I'm also panicking because the quick, brief response seems sketchy to me. Has anyone else sold or tried to sell a dress on one of these sites and gotten immediate requests to buy the dress? On preownedweddingdresses it said that dresses sell in an average of 70 days, so I jumped the gun a little thinking it would takes months to sell the dress. I haven't contacted this person yet, and I know every situation is different, I was just wondering if scams were common when dresses were first listed.

Re: Anyone sell a dress on Recycled Bride or similar site?

  • I would respond to the person with your FI. Whenever a situation seems sketchy I always ask my hubby to help me check it out.

    Maybe someone was searching the whole site for that dress or that designer?

    Also, you would rather not have a dress and start from square one than have one you have to talk yourself into liking.

    Good luck!
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