Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

One thing...

What is one thing you would have done different and why?
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    I am interested in this one too... Can't wait to read the responses!

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    hired a videographer. I was trying to be cheap and a friend of mine who was a film major offered to tape the ceremony and first dance since that is all I really wanted anyway. Well long story short, she got lost and didn't show up until I was about to start walking down the aisle. I'm not mad at her by any means. I just wish I would have spent the money to hire one. I have my wonderful photographs though :)
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    Chose a Maid of Honor for her willingness and ability to be helpful rather than just because she was a good friend. On the day of the wedding, she pretty much completely dropped the ball after we spent our own money bringing her to Las Vegas, all expenses paid right down to the airline baggage fees. Has it not been for my bridesmaid (who should have been my MOH) I would have needed the grooms help to get dressed among other things.
    Truth be told, I should have seen it coming because much as I like many things about her, she is not dependable and I have known her long enough to know that so it was my bad.
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    I wish DH and I would have taken the time to get more shots after the wedding.  I was feeling really faint in my dress because it was so hot outside so we barely got any shots with the entire wedding party and one about 10 shots with my groom and I.....I know I'll always regret not taking 10 minutes inside to cool down and then going back out for more pictures.

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    We had a DW...the only things I would have done differently there are:
    A) Not bought DH bout from the resort.  He wanted a real flower though everyone else (including my bouquet) were "natural touch" flowers (and they were awesome!).  His bout was $30 and had the most hideous ribbon around it - OR- I should have ripped off the ribbon as soon as I got to the alter.

    B) Got rid of DH and BM shoes from our ceremony area.  They just kicked them off right there at the "alter".  They're stupid shoes are in a lot of our pics (we were on the beach and barefoot).

    C) Though we thanked everyone over and over, I think we should have made a speech at dinner thanking everyone for coming.

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    I wish I had hired a different photographer.

    Our photographer showed up ridiculously late, her "second shooter" was her boyfriend, and she left early (we paid for full day coverage).  Its not that I hate the photos we have, its just that we got so few photos and a ton of our most basic "must have shots" weren't ever taken.  I definitely learned that photography is not a wedding element to be frugal with.

    Oh... and I wish I hadn't had so much to drink the night before the wedding.  It was a rough wedding morning.
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    My pics are up and they are great...really they are, but there are some I wish I would have taken...I remember making the list and thinking that he would get plenty of candids...but now I feel like there are some missing and I should have planned it out better.  At the same time, we had a great wedding and if we were pulled for more pics, we would have missed that much more of the reception so I am just rambling!!!!!!!!!
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    I would have invited less people!  We felt obligated to invite some friends as they part of a "group," and we've barely spoken to them since the wedding.
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    I instantly regretted having our kids 'in' the wedding, because my 3 year old was running around like a maniac, and we were too far away for anyone (my mom, etc) to grab her and make her behave.  The two teenagers were playing the part of bridesmaids, and so they didn't know if they should grab her or not...and my 8 year old was saying (loudly) "She's ruining the whole wedding!!!".  So it would have been better to have them stand above us with the guests, or some other arrangment to prevent the toddler from running loose.  I really couldn't focus on the ceremony, and our JOP actually corrected me a couple of times for not paying attention to him and what was going on.  It was impossible though!  I could not stand that she was being so wild.
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    I would have done a hair trial. At the time I felt guilty about the fact that it cost $90 just for the trial... But I wish I would have done it anyway! My hair wasn't terrible, but it wasn't ideal either. I still obsess about it!

    Also, I would have worked on showing less cleavage! I have a 30 DD chest, and I have a really hard time finding strapless bras. I ended up finding a long-line one (it hit at the waist). It fit so great outside of the dress, but with the dress on, my cleavage was a little much. I felt super sexy, but in a lot of the pictures my chest was distracting! We couldn't use any of the pictures of me sitting down because sitting made the dress push my chest up even more. I wish I would have had the bra altered- most tailors can do that.

    One last thing- I wish I had listened to the photographer a little less and bossed him around a little more. He had my fiance and I do some poses that we just felt awkward about, and it really showed in the pictures. We made a list of pictures that we wanted at the reception, but he completely ignored it. He took awesome pictures of the flowers and food, but then kind of just stood in the corner. I thought about saying something, but I didn't. I wish I would have!
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