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2 months and 3 weeks! checklist

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Time is flying by! I am so excited to marry FI and get this whole wedding business done. All of the big stuff is finally done and settled. I have confirmed all of the vendors including the photographer (he is alive and we have been in contact thank the lord). Now I am starting to think what are the little things I could possibly miss... 

I will be ordering my veil in the next few days, my shower is on April 25, first alterations appointment on the 26th (it think they will do the bustling and hem), and my Bach sometime after May 23rd. 

We still have to brainstorm for the RD, and coordinate the wedding night arrangements. 

Thinking whether or not to do bathroom baskets and how much that could end up being, and if we'll do favors and what could those be. 

Invitations should arrive in the next few days and we'll just need to set them up and get the to the calligrapher and mail them ASAP. I need to find thank you cards and the frames or boards to make the seating legend instead of escort cards. 

I am trying to figure out when to do the hair and MU trial. 

What else could I be missing? 

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Re: 2 months and 3 weeks! checklist

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    If you're getting different ones, you will need thank you cards for the shower.

    What about undergarments?

    Nail appointment?


    Outfits for the shower / RD?

    Are you doing programs?

    Guest book?



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    Do you have all of your accessories/jewelry?  Don't forget to pick up the marriage license once your within the appropriate time frame!  Anything left with food?  Selecting menu/cake?  Details with the DJ (ie first dance, ceremony entrance/exit songs, etc).  Card box if you're going to have one.  List for things to bring for your day-of bag.

    I don't know how it is by you, but good hair and makeup people by me book up early.  And they won't pencil you in until you leave a deposit.  I didn't want to leave a deposit if I didn't do the trail first.   Needless to say, my trials were done early!  I also hated my makeup and found a new MUA, so take that into consideration if it's not being done by someone you know.  I'd go sooner rather than later.
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    We are on about the same timeline!  I will be stalking this thread...

    ETA: OH GAWD no we aren't!  2 months and 6 days!  *hides head back in sand*
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    @JCbride2015 Its soo close!! I was thinking about you the other day, I hadn't seen you around in a while. 

    @luckya23 IDK if I should get the same or different thank you notes. I already have my undergarments, nail appointment, and transportation. I bought a dress yesterday I will use for the shower, now for the bach and RD I have no clue yet. I don't think we are doing programs, and I totally had forgotten about the guestbook. 

    @JoanE2012 all of my jewelry I already have, some is mine and some if my grandmother's. Food is all set with the venue since its a restaurant. Thanks for reminding me about the playlist for the DJ and for the ceremony music. I don't think we'll do a card box. 

    Thanks!! I have to draft a huge to do list with all these little details!

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    We are on about the same timeline!  I will be stalking this thread...

    ETA: OH GAWD no we aren't!  2 months and 6 days!  *hides head back in sand*
    I'm w/you sista! Flying by the seat of my pants at the moment. All vendors booked, zero smaller details done, huge international business trip 3 weeks before wedding. I'm officially nervous. *Hides head in sand next to @JCbride2015 *
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    I posted a checklist in a thread for all of us May 2 brides when we hit the 99 day mark, so I'm gonna paste it over into this one for you: 
    • Check passport expiration dates for honeymoon (first, find passport)
    • Choose table runners (?) 
    • Buy escort cards
    • buy thank-you cards for shower
    • design programs
    • have programs printed
    • choose guest book (?)
    • make list of vendors with contact info
    • order napkins
    • choose wine
    • send liquor deposit 
    • number reply cards
    • assemble invites
    • mail invites
    • Pick out FI's suit (FI's job, I have to remind him) 
    • shop for wedding bands
    • choose veil 
    • Finalize liquor order
    • Plan details for rehearsal dinner (we're hosting)
    • Build Chuppah
    • Buy fabric for Chuppah 
    • Order Ketubah 
    • Order breaking glass
    • Schedule dress fitting 
    • Check in with officiant 
    • Plan ceremony/vow details 
    • Choose groomsmen gifts (FI's job again, but I have to remind him)
    • Confirm pick-up time and location w/ guest transportation 
    • Wrap gifts for wedding party 
    • Make timeline and send to wedding party
    • Send rehearsal dinner invites 
    • Put together "emergency kit" for BMs (hand lotion, bandaids, safety pins, etc)
    • Get marriage license 
    • Confirm furniture delivery
    • Send list to photog and figure out first-look timeline (start time?) 
    • Hire clean-up ppl 
    • Meet with site manager
    • Send song list to DJ
    • Work on seating for reception 
    • Work on escort cards
    • Research honeymoon (stuff to do) 
    • Book honeymoon hotels 
    • Confirm/send final payments 
    • Assemble welcome bags 
    • Finalize RSVP list 
    • Send final count to caterer 
    • Whatever the hell else I think of 
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    I think we have the bulk of our stuff done. Invitations are going out this week. We are in the process of designing our table seating things, escort cards, menus, and programs. I ordered my veil today, and already have my MUA trial set up for the first week of May. FI and his guys already have their tuxes ordered. We are not doing a rehearsal anymore. 

    We had our tasting, and set up the timeline with our venue, now we have to set up the timeline with the DJ. I cannot believe that the day is almost here!!!!


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