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  • Mine is 10/1/16 as well. My colors are green, white, and gold. I'll probably use some purple in flowers as well.
  • I'm 10/9 and our colors are persimmon (rusty orange--it's a DB color) and wine/burgandy so basically fall colors.
  • Haha it sounds like our colors are common! We're doing navy blue, gold, bronze and dusty pink. :D 
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    scoetto said:
    We haven't decided on a color scheme. We're planning a small, private ceremony without the bells and whistles and not really sure a color scheme is needed as flowers will probably be the only color we'll have to worry about. In reality we're both super indecisive :)
    @scoetto Wedding colors aren't necessary. I only picked some because they just make life easier. Like, making decisions in designing the invitations, choosing table linens, color of the GMs' ties, etc. If wedding colors aren't going to make your life easier, there's no need to conjure some up  :)

    k thnx bye

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