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*Spoiler Alert* PLL Discussion

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So I think this needs a thread of its own after last nights episode.

This was my reaction: image

The entire episode was intense, but I found the ending to be a let down.  I knew someone would have a twin and it would be linked to the DiLaurentis family, but every clue was about a female twin.  There were no clues about Charles in any past episodes, so I don't know why all those articles kept saying that you'd see clues from the beginning. I'm still trying to piece everything together, and I watched last nights episode twice. 


Re: *Spoiler Alert* PLL Discussion

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    I read THIS article this morning and now I want to go back and find the clues she talks about.

    My questions right now (I seriously, actually started a list):

    Who was the blonde that beat up Mona in her house? Charles wearing a wig?

    If Mona is alive, how did we see her dead body in the trunk?

    Where is CeCe?


    Why didn’t we see Charles’s face?

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    I didn't watch the episode, but I'm not afraid of spoilers either. I was trying to get ABC Family's app to work on my phone so I could watch it at lunch or something.

  • I had the same questions.  This is why I didn't sleep last night haha. 

    Ok so, the person in the wig beating up/killing Mona has to be someone from Mona's A team because that was when Mona was faking her death. 

    My sister is stuck on the fact that we saw Mona in a trunk dead too.  Charles must have drugged her the same way he drugged the girls, so he could bring her to his doll house. 

    Seriously where is Cece? And all the other parents?  Why didn't Spencer try to remove Charles's mask? Does she realize she has another brother!? Why was Andrew spying on them? So even if they escape the doll house they're still trapped. Where are they?!

    Just read that article. The only clue she mentions is the mime and the stuff from this season.  I don't trust Marlene anymore haha. 
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Andrew is a freaking creep and a needy nag and I don't like him one bit.

    The parents are REALLY bugging me. Nobody seems to have any parents (well, I guess really just Emily's and Aria's have been MIA, Spencer's dad too?) and then all of a sudden one pops up (ahem, Ella Montgomery) and you're like "where the hell have you been all season?"

    I can't remember right now, what was Melissa calling about last night?

  • They don't say what Melissa was calling about, just that they have to tell her something. 

    @dignity100 If you can get the app to work, definitely watch it.  It was a good episode, and completely different than any of the others. 
  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    The episode itself was really well done. In the scheme of "HUGE A REVEAL" it was a definite letdown.

    Andrew is annoying. I feel like he's a PI or something.

    I really hope that Charles ends up being someone we already know. Because if he's just a totally new character, I'll be annoyed. It's only intriguing because we've thought this whole time that A was someone really close to them.


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  • As much as I dislike Andrew, he's at least age appropriate for Aria.  

    If Charles is someone we know, that would at least explain why they didn't show his face. 

    Some other articles:

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