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Talk to me about Sewing Machines

I've recently started to get a little more "crafty" than I've ever been.  I have started knitting and crocheting and am seeing lots of little sewing projects that I'd love to try.  Definitely a beginner, but if I start sewing a lot I don't want to end up have to upgrade really soon.  So I guess I don't want something cheap and tiny, but I don't need it to do a million stitches either.  Do any of you sew?  What are you favorite machines?  Any projects you love?  

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Re: Talk to me about Sewing Machines

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    As far as sewing machines go, my honest recommendation is to go to amazon and read reviews. 

    I haven't really used mine yet, but I got mine from there, after double checking with a friend who sews like a mad woman.

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    I'm actually curious about this. I've been looking into learning some sort of hobby, like crocheting again or sewing. 
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    I'm brand new to sewing. As in JUST bought a machine and I'm trying to figure it out. It's a Brother, but I don't remember the model #. I like it so far, but I'm an amateur. 

    I agree with reading reviews on Amazon, that's how I chose mine.

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    Unless you want to get super artsy fartsy with machine embroidery, a basic machine with a few stitch options (straight and zigzag with stretch stitch options) will do everything you need it to do. It's the various presser feet that will really help you get a good result with your sewing and they don't cost much to add and build up a collection.
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    I registered for this guy, it had pretty good reviews, the highest rated one was about $50 or 60 more.

     I know the basics of sewing since my mom is a great seamstress but would like to be able to do things like hem pants/dresses and make things like pillow covers and curtains  
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