Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Am I missing anything?

Hello! I hope that your weddings all went wonderfully. :)

FH and I are just under a year out and we are trying to get all our ducks in a row.

We have:

Wedding Cake
Wedding Night Hotel (Getting married back home, live out of state)

We are negotiating:

Hair & Makeup
Plane Tickets
Boarding for Dog

We are still deciding:

Videographer (Is it worth it in your opinion?)

Are we missing anything?

Re: Am I missing anything?

  • I was on the fence about a videographer, and I'm sooo glad I did that.  The day goes SOOO quickly, and you really don't get to see everyone.  I got my video months later, and it was fun to see how my DH was acting before the wedding, my sisters and i squabbling over the mirror and doing last minute touchups, DH's friend from college dancing drunkingly and hitting on my Aunt's all those "little" things.  I didn't get photos of everyone, so this is a "backup" way to see the things you don't get to. 

    It's hard to say if you're "missing anything"--but are you having out of town guests? Maybe a block of hotel rooms for OOT guests (You said "wedding night hotel"--I'm assuming you meant for you and FI)

    Honeymoon plans figured out?  We had to do passports for us, first time out of the country, you want at least 6 months for that.

  • The location of our wedding, my FMIL will be handling blocking hotel rooms for us. :) We won't be taking our honey moon right way due to our careers but thank you for reminding me that passports take ages, I'll need to get on take in september. I appreciate your insight and I'll definitely remind FH of that regarding the video.
  • Where is your HM? If you need to get any vaccines for your trip, book those sooner than later. Also, I'm assuming since you didn't list it, your venue is providing the caterer? Are you doing STD's?
  • The Knot has a great online planner that you can use to make sure that you are on schedule and not forgetting anything. It tells you as soon as a new month arrives what you should have done or be doing.
  • I loved the Bed Bath and Beyond to-do list.  It beat The Knot's (sorry!).
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