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So my fiancée and I don't want children until we have at least been married for three years. I know I eventually want children but I want to enjoy just us for awhile. I have zero desire to have kids yet. People, of course, are already saying stuff about us having kids right away! Now people have me freaked out that we will get pregnant right away. What do you guys say when people say this stuff to you?!

Re: Babies!

  • The question is rude and invasive.  I tell them child bearing decisions are not up for public discussion with people who don't have anything to do with it.  

    Then, if I like them, I'll bean dip.  If not, I'll just sit back, be silent, and enjoy watching them squirm until they apologize or walk off embarrassed.

  • Tell them that the state of your uterus is none of their business.
  • What does bean dip mean?
  • From Etiquette Hell:  Bean-dip is when you politely change the subject. “Have you tried the bean-dip?” or something like “Isn’t this pie wonderful?” or “So how is your sister?”

    BMom turned me on to that one.
  • Just don't consummate your marriage for 3 years. Problem solved. 
  • hmonkey said:

    "you think about me and dh having sex a lot. how weird for you."

    Can't love this enough times!!!!!  One thing is safe to say, this'll shut them right down!!!

    Also OP - whatever you do - DO NOT until you are ready to get PG follow NFP - or you'll be a New Effing Parent before you thought possible! 

  • H and I wanted to wait at least 2 years so we stayed on birth control... People still comment but I don't freak out I will all of a sudden be pregnant.

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