Wedding Woes

i wonder what the home-based business is.

Dear Amy,
The company I worked for offered an early retirement package. Since I am not old enough to draw on my pension I would have to roll it all over.
 I discussed this with my wife, and we came to the conclusion that this would be OK. She said if I took this early retirement I could help her with her home-based business. I agreed and retired two years ago.
 The problem is that I have yet to receive any compensation for the help I give every day to her business. Did I miss something here? All I ask for is a little spending money each week.
 She has control of all the income, and treats it as hers and hers only.
What should I do? If I leave this arrangement it would greatly reduce the income coming in from the business. Should I just suck it up and keep begging my wife for gas money until retirement age? I told her I was going to get a part-time job. She said if I do I will have to pay her rent or move out.
 Please give me some direction.
— Angry and Hurt in Iowa


Re: i wonder what the home-based business is.

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