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What's on for the weekend?

DH is probably going to have to work tomorrow.  It's going to be cold and raining and I'm going to be bald by the end of this project. His boss' very generous "take time off" is met with the caveat- it can't be next week or the week of April 6 or 13 and must be done by April 30. 

Sunday my folks are coming over for the afternoon to bring the kids' easter baskets (I accidently typed waster at first and it's really about right).

Random: I'm so effing sick of the articles all over "I'm a good mom because I stay home/work/free range/hover/bf/ff/blah blah." 

Re: Friday!!

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    Random 2: I bought a bathing suit at Costco yesterday and didn't want to cry when I put it on. 
  • I am really enjoying DH being on vacation and home all week.  We have gotten a lot done and had a blast together.

    Today we'll do our usual Sam's trip, just earlier than normal.

    Tonight we're having friends over to grill out.  It's not going to be warm at all so we won't be hanging on the deck, but we're still looking forward to them coming over.

    The rest of the weekend is really unplanned, mostly because DH has been home all week and we got everything done.

    My random:  DH's 10yo car has been getting louder for the last 6 months.  No exaggeration - it was louder than a motorcycle.  So he planned to fix it this week while he was off.  After getting a recommendation from our usual mechanic, we called this guy we've never heard of.  He fixed us up for only $100 and the damn car sounds brand new.  Totally worth it.  I really hate when DH has to jack up the car and get under it.
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    I am going to read to DD's class on my lunch hour today.  I'm looking forward to it, but I asked her for book suggestions, and she picked this Barbie book she got at the book fair this week.  I mean, she's a new reader, so I don't want to discourage her.  But y'all, this book is crazy stupid.  I'm trying not to judge it by grownup standards, but even so.  She has a ton of books I enjoy (the entire Don't Let the Pigeon... series springs to mind), and this ain't one of 'em.  But true to form, the more I asked if maybe there was another book she would like, the more she doubled down on Barbie.  Barbie it is, then.

    DH has to go to a memorial service for his CW's mom this a.m.  Poor guy is 28, lost his dad to cancer 3 years ago, and now his mom.  CW requested "no black, because it's a celebration of life" so DH was having a hard time figuring out what to wear.  All his dress up clothes are bank clothes, not super lively.  He was obsessing over the amount of black in his tie, even though it was mostly red and blue.

    Soccer game #2 tomorrow, assuming this rain stops.  Looking at the forecast, it should, but we'll see how dry the field is.  Then DD has a playdate, and her swim eval, and a friend of mine may or may not be coming over.  Her baby has ear infection #137 or something awful, so we're going to see how he's doing.  (I was going to say "play it by ear" until I realized that was an accidental pun.  Ugh.) 

    We're definitely doing something Sunday, we just haven't decided what.  We were thinking maybe the zoo, since we had to postpone last weekend due to rain.  DD suggested hiking.  IDK, but the weather is supposed to be good, so I'll be happy with whatever we end up deciding.   

    ETA:  After going through DH's closet with him this a.m., I just ordered him 3 new ties.  He needs some spring ties, and some of his current ones need to go.  (Jerry Garcia tie, I'm looking at you.)  I'm going to stick them in his Easter basket, along with some mini-bottles inside the larger size plastic eggs.  Easter at our house...
  • Nothing really planned for the weekend. I want to catch up on cleaning and laundry. I have 0 energy but the mess is wearing on me.

    We spoke to a realtor this morning. I'm in shock at the taxes and the home prices where we're looking. To buy a home will be almost $700/month cheaper than our current rent. WHAT?!

    Names. We still have no names.
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    I'm a bit crossways, mostly because after H got home around 1:30 I had pretty random/weird/bad dreams for a few hours.  Then woke up out of sorts.  Blah.

    No clue about the weekend.  MY dad's family is throwing Gma a birthday weekend for her 90th, I think it's 90% a surprise, but she's no dummy so she's probably figured it out.  Still sharp, that mean old bat.  Luckily H will attend some of the festivities, so that will be nice.  Other than that, nothing planned really.

  • Names. We still have no names.

    Eh, we didn't really have a name until a couple days before DS was born, and even then we weren't entirely sure until he arrived.  Is there a short list, or is it wide open?
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    Max had the name the fastest.  After the scale said 9 lbs 12 oz we knew he was a Max.  6let was several days old and the only big push was extra paperwork if we took him home without a name.
  • PF didnt' have a name until an hour before we left the hospital. H is freaking out about names this time around. I'm not. I have my list. I don't know if he has his.
  • @DixieNormous330 - are you leaning towards a family name like PF, or something different? 
  • easter egg hunt tomorrow. it's %$#@#^ snowing today. son of a ...

    i hate "i am a good mom because ..."  if you need to justify, you are probably doing it wrong.
  • Son and DIL just had my grandson in Jan, and he didn't have a name until after birth.  They had some they were tossing around, but couldn't decide.  Their 2 daughters were named months ahead of time, either way they all ended up with a great name!

    I have to go to a funeral tomorrow, other than that I plan to do very little but rest.  I have to clean and cook for Easter next week, and big project I took on for church is going to require tons of prep and building of sets so I have to start that next week too.  I have until April 25 but its a lot of work to do.
  • hmonkey said:

    easter egg hunt tomorrow. it's %$#@#^ snowing today. son of a ...

    i hate "i am a good mom because ..."  if you need to justify, you are probably doing it wrong.
    My cousin lives up that way and posted that it was snowing.  I was reading it thinking "Wait, is this a Timehop or TBT or something?"

    DD told me I was an okay mom yesterday.  We were driving and she dropped her diary, so of course she wanted me to pick it up right.then.  I told her no can do, I'm driving, we'll be home in 2 minutes, you'll survive.  So she declared that I was the worst mom ever, I told her on the contrary, I'm an awesome mom who--not coincidentally--wasn't digging around in the backseat when I was supposed to be watching the road.  She conceded that I was an okay mom, but not the best ever.  I can live with that.
  • We have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow, but it will be sunny and 79*, so no complaints. We're also planning to meet friends for dinner at a restaurant that specializes in a bunch of different types of mac n cheese. Wolverine will be excited to have dinner with her BBF/boyfriend. 

    No plans for Sunday, but we really need to get our taxes done, so that will probably be on the agenda. We also need to go fridge shopping. I'm pretty sure which one I want, but I'd like to see it in person before i order it online. I'll get it in a few weeks. 

    Our pool remodel is almost done, so hopefully we'll be able to go swimming next weekend. 
  • *Barbie* said:

    @DixieNormous330 - are you leaning towards a family name like PF, or something different? 

    Sort of but not really. Maybe using an initial. Every time we start a discussion about it it doesn't go well.
  • Same day, same shit here. DH brought the kids to daycare which buys me another 20 minutes of time before I have to start "work". I use the word work loosely, as I am so bored and there is nothing to do. I might skip out around noon and run some errands.

    Tonight we don't have plans. Tomorrow we are doing the community Easter thing and then DS has his first swim lesson. Sunday is swim again, and I really need to get the house clean.

    About names: we had a hard time with DD's name. We decided on it about a week before she was born. Had her, filled out the paper work, went home. The entire time I was pregnant, me and DH could not agree on a name. We get home, and like a week later he says "what about this name?" Of course, it ended up being something we both liked. We contemplated changing her name, but we're too lazy to do paperwork. As it is, she doesn't really go by her name. We call her a nickname, and it suits her.
  • It's snowing here too.  Our poor roofers, they keep apologizing and I'm like, "Um, if you could control the weather, you'd be making more money than this and living easy".  We'll get the new roof eventually.

    We were going to try and go camping, but the weather is too cold and rainy and they're putting out flash flood warnings for where we were planning to go.  Next weekend will be better, plus I can clean this weekend.  

    I'm cooking the breakfast for the campaign tomorrow and probably making lasagnas for them Sunday night.  This is my contribution, b/c the campaigns themselves are getting down and dirty in Christian camp and I just cannot deal with it.  The last event I wanted to stand up and yell, 'There are a lot of people in here who don't give a damn what Jesus would do and this is a human rights, not a religious issue!"  So, I've been distancing myself where I can, but still feel like I'm helping.  I really do understand why on the tactic; I'm just not feeling it.  (sexual orientation, gender identification issue in the bible belt).
  • I'm currently at Costco having a chicken bake. I have to report that it's just ok. The dressing doesn't really taste like ranch or caesar.

    Today is shopping day for defconns party. Tonight dinner with the parents. Dh will be working and the kiddos at my ils.

    Tomorrow, party. Sunday, recovery.
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