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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

how do you know what pics to choose for the album?!

There are so many pictures.  And I know exactly what photos of me and husband I like.  However, how do you know how many bridal party pictures to choose.. or bride and the girls and grooms with the guys and bride pre-ceremony and groom pre-ceremony.. there just seem to be many..

and do you have to add in the bouquet toss and the garter removal or no..

I think you can just pick whatever pictures you like.. def the cake cutting and things like that .. which are important to you.. cake cutting was sweet, and important to want to look back on.. garter toss etc not so much..

what is a good guideline of choosing pictures for the book.  I feel like I want my flower girl (daughter) getting ready picture of her.. but maybe to cut down the amoutn of photos I am picking (because I have to slim it down) I just stick with me and the girls pre-ceremony and then a solo portrait of the flower girl later in the album..

what are some guidelines..

because its hard to choose and need to start somewhere

Re: how do you know what pics to choose for the album?!

  • WIth my photographer, we got an album of all of the proofs of all the shots they took. Then we are in the process of deciding which ones we would like for an 8x10 frame, etc. And our parents have to decide how they are going to do their albums.
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  • It took me two months to choose my pictures.  First I put them in folders that were categories:  getting ready, ceremony, formal and artistic portraits, reception.

    From each folder, I chose my favorite pictures and created a new folder within that one.  
    Then I thought about how many of each kind of picture I wanted and that I wanted the album to tell the "wedding story" so I picked favorites for each of the important moments of the day and cut out photos that seemed to be repetitive.  After all that, we still had too many photos so we're adding extra pages.  
  • i recieved 2 mini books with every picture our photog took,plus all my pic's on a cd,then i got to pick from there the pictures i loved and wanted in my album,i couldnt decide it took me months to pick the ones i wanted.
  • I had a friend who went through the first time just after she got her pictures and picked all the ones she liked for her album. Then she waited a few months and went back over them. She said by that point the emotions were out of the way and it was really easy to pick her favorites then.
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  • Ugh, it is SO hard to choose. I think it will take me a while.
  • Our photographer presented us 450 photos.  We bought a flush mount album with 30 sides.  He suggested the number of pictures and we have received our first draft of our book.  

    Upon receipt of the first draft of the book, I can clearly see which photos can be deleted and which ones are an absolute must.

    So, if you can -- get or make a rough draft of your album and then you can see which memories are important to YOU.
  • I agree with previous posters - get a rough draft of your book. If you aren't getting a photo album from your photographer (due to price) try going the route of online places such as inkubook, (I just made one there), or blurb.com... There are plenty of other sites out there.

    Here's a link to ours... If you see what pictures you like next to other ones, then it really works out... And there are so many layouts too!

    Link to our album...

    Hope that helps!

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  • Oh agreed! This is the hardest thing EVER! We have 775 photos, and all but about 10 or so are completely gorgeous! Our photographer is amazing!! I have been using some of the ideas that previous posters also mentioned.  Only looking at the pictures CD once every week or so, narrowing down by category, trying to let at least a little bit of time pass for some of the emotions to calm down (although right now it doesn't seem like they ever will :)  I have mine narrowed down to about 150 right now (so hard!) and have to get it down to 80...:(  However, another great resource is shutterfly.com where you can make photo books.  I am making parent albums on there and thinking about possibly making a book for us so that we can include way more than 80 pictures. Good luck to you!!
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  • The easy part is picking the ones of Husband and Wife. 

    it's harder picking out group shots like Bridal Party.. and bride and girls.. groom and guys.,. because my photographer took so many pictures too

    but of the one's of me and H I know which ones I just love and cant live without in my album
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