Wedding Woes


Re: @pmeg

  • Do they have matching men's chevron shirts?

    Side note: I saw an ad for something like this and very seriously contemplated it for our next vacation.

    orchid print hawaiian matching clothing
  • are you having a stroke?

    i'm calling 911 for you.
  • I swear on the Holy Mother of Gray and Yellow Pallet Furniture, I am okay.

    It was a momentary lapse.

    Confession: I do want to wear a matching outfit with DD though. But more like, matching black dresses and Charlotte Olympia flats like Beyonce and Blue Ivy.
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    hmonkey said:

    for you and dd?

    That poor girl is screaming in terror.
  • 22 year old DD has those cat shoes.  I swear she is a crazy old cat lady trapped in a young body, lol.  She also has numerous cat sweaters and even leggings.
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