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For those of you who had boudiour pics taken, did you allow your photographer to show them to other people? I live in a small town, and a co-worker of mine who is getting married was at a bridal show today. She texted me and told me that some of my pics were on display (not sitting out but in an album). My photographer had asked me a while back if I cared if she showed them to interested brides and I said I was fine with that. However, with the pictures being at a bridal show where anybody could see them, I'm just not sure how I feel about that. Actually, the main thing I am worried about is getting at trouble at work..Any thoughts??
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    My photographer asked if I would give permission for them to share my images, but I said no. I just wasn't comfortable with it.
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    You said she could show them to interested brides and she may have thought that since she was at a bridal show that the people looking at them would be brides.  I would call her and explain that you didn't realize she would be using them at large events like that (where anyone, bride or not, could access the album) and tell her that you want to limit your consent to only 'in office' consultations.  Or something like that.  Some people take a mile when you only give an inch. 
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     The contract we signed with our photographer had a Model Release paragraph, that stated that we give our photographer a right to use our photos for exhibitions, publishing  etc..  If you also signed a paper like that talking about you giving your photographer a right using your photos- then there is nothing you can do.. verbal agreements dont count..
      If you havent signed anything- you'd better call him and tell him how you feel about it.
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