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We want to give out regular size wine bottles with a custom label. Has anyone looked into this or found places that do this? I have found labels you can put on a bottle but not sure how to get wine bottles without the label.




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    You put the custom wine label over the original wine label. I don't think you can legally buy unmarked wine. Or go to a winery or place You can make your own wine. They'll be happy to sell you bottles off wine with a custom label.
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    Find wine that you like that has the same size or smaller labels then the ones you can custom order and just put the labels over the ones on the bottel. It will look fine & it will be less work. Make sure when you go to buy the wine you ask if the place offers a discount for buying cases. I know in my area the retailers & directly at the wineries they offer a 10% discount for buying cases of wine, even if you mix the flavors, they just look at the number of bottles purchased. Don't tell them though that you are covering up their label, a winery may not like it, but what you do with the bottle afterwards, is none of their busines.
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    We are doing half-size bottles of wine as favours for our wedding. I'm not sure where you live, but where we are here in  Southwestern Ontario there are tons of places that help you to make your own wine with package pricing and different varietals - you buy the juice and the kit and they ferment it for you. And you get to take part in the juicing and the bottling - its actually a whole process where you can involve your wedding party and everything. The place we are doing our's through includes custom labels for the couples and names the wine with something that signifies the couple or the special day in some way. The bottles are included with this as well. It ends up being about $3 per person.

    A lot of other weddings we've been to have done full bottles - esp for the smaller ones. We are doing the smaller ones because we have 250 people invited!

    If you want to check out where we are doing our's to get a better idea of these places, the website is www.unwinedwindsor.com

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