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AW/WR/PIP: First Dress Fitting

Here are pics from the initial fitting I had this morning. We weren't able to put the blingy belt on with it because there was too much fabric around the waist that would have put too much stress on the belt. In all, the waist is about an inch too big (score!), the boobs are too big, and it's obviously way too long. It fits really well everywhere else, and it's not too heavy. Additionally, the consultant told me not to wear Spanx as they add an extra layer of fabric that throws off the waist measurement and makes the belt too small. Interesting, no? 

Anywho, I need to contact the photographer to set up a date for bridal pics, and then I'll set up alterations. 

I also added a pic of the dress in the garment bag in my closet. SO INCONSPICUOUS! Good thing it's going to be stored at a friend's house starting tomorrow.

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