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Liquor License- rental home

Hi everyone I'm having a hard time figuring out if I need a liquor license or not. I'm having my wedding at a rental home in Corolla and will be providing the alcohol. I'm using the caterers bartenders to serve drinks. The caterer told me I need a license and am not covered under them because they are not providing the alcohol.The realtor told me I do not need a license because I am holding a private event at the house. I'm confused and any help will be appreciated.


Re: Liquor License- rental home

  • Most caterers have an off-premise liquor license, so it's a bit odd to me that the only reason they won't do it is bc you're supplying the alcohol and not them. Of course they know that if you do allow them to provide the alcohol, that it will be considerably marked up, so it's like they are trying to "trap" you into it. I would call around to a few other caterers to see what their rules are on the license. I know that our caterer also supplied our bartenders and we didn't need to get a license. Most of the vendors down there know each other well and work with one another. Who is the caterer btw?


  • Thanks for getting back to me.. I know the caterer does have an off premise liquor license, but she said because I'm providing alcohol I would need to get a Limited Special Occasion permit.. I had asked the realtor about this and they assured me that because it is a private event at a home I would not need one. Keeps going back and forth and no straight answer! I emailed NC ABC and am awaiting to hear back from them.
  • Good idea to email them. I would say they definitely have the final word on that. Let us know how it turns out :)


  • We also provided our own liquor and were told our catering staff could not pour since they use their restaurant license for alcohol, but they offered to refer me to other bartenders to pour. In the end we had my sons pour for cocktail hour and then let it be self serve. We did not have to get alcohol permit but did have to get liability policy required by the rental company for the event. HTH
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