Candy buffet help!

Anyone have any ideas of where to get bulk candy cheap? I didn't think having a candy buffet would be so expensive!

Re: Candy buffet help!

  • Try and buy candy after holidays like Easter, Halloween, Valentines day, etc. 
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  • What @KatWAG said. I got mine after Halloween, paided attention to expiration dates, skipped the Reece cups (they tend to go bad faster bc the peanut butter separates) and got my candy for my July wedding for 75% off.
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  • depending on what you want, check out oriental trading online. Also this company is local to me but they offer ordering online.


  • Lucky for you, Easter is next week, and alllll the chocolate will go cheap cheap cheap.

    Also, you can freeze chocolate. Is it the best thing for chocolate, no. But the majority of cheap chocolate isn't that great to begin with (I.E. Hershey's is good, but it's not fucking Godiva or even higher end stuff, and won't have a big difference look and taste wise)

  • I've found pretty good prices on bulk candy on Amazon, to be honest.

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  • Yea, after a holiday is best. 

    Also, with candy buffets, I'd MUCH rather have delicious candy than candy that matches your color scheme. I don't give two shits what your candy buffet looks like if the candy is sub-par. Good candy for the win!

  • For the glass canisters, search at Dollar Tree and other dollar stores or Big lots, they have big glass containers for cheap!! So you don't have to drop a lot of money on something you are probably only using that night!
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