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Steaming Dress

What did everyone do for steaming their dress? Any pricing? I reached out to Platinum and they can do it through their laundry for $85!
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Re: Steaming Dress

  • I am shipping mine to Fit for a Bride, who will steam it and deliver to my room.  But, I don't think they do that anymore.... but there is another company that does, and Aria recommends.  I can get the name if you want. 
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  • Thanks! What is Fit for a Bride charging? I don't mine dropping off/picking up as I will have a car (and so will others so they can go get it for me). 
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  • Creative bridal will steam and deliver it to your room if you ship it to them. Starts at $65, thinking this is my best option.Here's a link
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  • Creative Bridal quoted me $65 to pick up, steam, and drop it back off.  Not sure the price of steaming alone.

    Fit for a Bride quoted me around $40 to steam, + $30 for pick up and delivery.  My dress is super simple... not a traditional wedding gown.  

    Hope this helps!
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