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Tipping Wedding Vendors- Help!

When it comes to tipping vendor for our upcoming wedding, we're totally clueless, and need your help! Do we tip the following: Wedding Officiant?- we're getting married at Trellis Gardens and one of the owners will be our Officiant. Day-Of Coordinator? Photographer(s)? Baker? Reception Hall Coordinator? There's a service charge built in to our food and bev package, I'm just not sure if the goes to her as well, or just the wait staff. Florist? Ceremony violinist? And how do you determine how much to tip these vendors?

Re: Tipping Wedding Vendors- Help!

  • Generally it is appropriate to tip the band/DJ and the limo guy.  If the person owns their own business you do not need to tip them.  I am not planning on tipping anyone else (tips for the servers are included in our fee).
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  • TaraW1979TaraW1979 member
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    I tipped my coordinator that worked for my reception venue because she did an amazing job the day of our wedding. EVERYTHING was perfect and she worked her butt off so we gave her $100. Other than her, my make-up artist, and hair dresser, I did not tip anyone else. I was told my final price for the limo included gratuity.
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  • Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
    edited March 2012 the end of the day, it is a tip so it is up to you.  Tip the owner if you felt they did something despite the tipping guidelines, don't tip the DJ id they suck, etc.  It is annoying that we all feel obligated to tip.  These services are not like waitresses/waiters where they make the majority of their income on tips.
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