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Has anyone ordered a dress from www.ca-bridal.com or dressilymy.com?

I am considering buying bridesmaid and possibly a wedding dress from these websites and I have red reviews on wedding bee about them, but I just wanted other brides input.

Thank you guys

Re: Has anyone ordered a dress from www.ca-bridal.com or dressilymy.com?

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    I would 100% advise against it. Those are knockoff Chinese sites, you won't get what you are paying for. Check out this site for pictures: https://www.facebook.com/KnockOffWD
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    They look like Chinese knockoff sites- there is an entire sticky dedicated to them in attire and accessories. They are unethical. I would avoid those like the plague- Read this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2909093/Angry-brides-share-bridal-gown-horror-stories.html
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    Try looking at Loehmanns online they have cute bridal dresses from$300- $500 http://www.loehmanns.com/category/13141/1/bridal-gowns.html

    However no returns on bridal gowns. Suggestions: get sized then order 1 size bigger then get altered or go to bridal shop that carries the designer & try on your size to get the right fit then order.

    I do this some times when I am ordering even dresses from Nordstrom online.
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    For BM's I'd really check out some of the more traditional stores, JCP, Nordstrom's, DEB/DEB Plus, Sears, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, as they've got great return/exchange policies...  With this being Prom Season if you hurry now you can probably get everyone outfitted rather reasonably... 

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    Never buy a wedding dress unless you have tried it on first.  You cannot possibly choose what is best for you from a photo-shopped picture on the internet 

    There are hundreds of Chinese websites that sell cheap knock off dresses.  Some are about as flattering as a Halloween costume.  Don't believe their refund guarantees.  They won't honor them.

    There are a few good places in the USA that will order a dress for you at a discount of 25% to 40%.  They don't like to order anything unless you have tried it on first somewhere.  All sales are FINAL, like most bridal shops.  No discount on Maggie Sottero.  The best known of the discount sites is http://www.pearlsplace.com.

    David's Bridal has a good website with clearance merchandise.  Some of their clearance is not returnable, so be careful.
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    I ordered a wedding dress from www.formaldressshops.com. I just placed my order so I can't speak for the quality yet but they have good prices and are one of the suppliers for Sears. 

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    A note about David's Bridal clearance... Not only is it usually not returnable, it can't always be shipped to your house or local store. As it was explained to me by one of the stores, their clearance might only be one dress hanging out in a store and they don't really know which store therefore they can't have it shipped to you or your local store. I found the perfect dress only to be told that it can't be had. 
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    I used missfishbridalonline.com Look at their "Real Dress Showroom. .My dress is the lilac one. I got my maids dresses directly from the Grace Karin factory in China. Mine cost $340... custom... the maids dresses were $19.95 and $10 for shipping!!!
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