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My husband and I got married about 3 months ago.  We'd been doing a good job keeping up with thank you notes ahead of the wedding, and had almost all of them written and in the mail within 3 weeks of the wedding.  We divided them up so that gifts from people on "my side" of the guest list were written by me and gifts from "his side" were written by him.  He still has about a dozen to write and just isn't doing it.  I'd rather him write them as they are mainly from his family, but am willing to write them myself if the alternative is no thank you note at all.  Has anyone else had to deal with a thank-you-note-reluctant spouse?  Any advice?  Thanks!

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  • I wrote all of ours. 

    It's been 3 months.  You need to get them out, no matter who writes them.
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    Yes, it's been a headache to get FI to write the ONE note that he had to write. haha  I think I'm on thank-you note duty from here on out.  I don't think it matters who writes them, personally. 

    Just get them out. And soon.
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    Weren't the gifts to both of you? Are either or both of  you enjoying the gifts? Do either or both of you appreciate that you received the gfits?

      If the thank you doesn't get sent it makes both of you look bad, not just him - even if it is to his family.
  • YES!!!!!! Gr!!!  I love DH, but I asked him to please write 4 Thank you notes to his 4 co-workers and the cards are still sitting on his desk unwritten.  It has been over a month and I remind him often.  It is getting to the point that I am just going to have to write them myself.  I don't think he understand how rude it actually is to wait this long to get them out, its not a "I"ll get to it when I can" kind of task!
  • I have wrote all of the ones for the presents we have received so far. And I assume I will do the same for after the wedding as well, regardless of whose side they are on. FI has helped me "personalize" them though, esp for his side of the family, some ppl whom I have never met.

    But I agree, you need to get those suckers out ASAP!
  • I wrote every single thank you note. I knew if I left it to DH, it wouldn't get done.
  • I also wrote every single thank you note. I did make him help me with putting the mailing labels and stamps on!
  • I wrote all of our thank you notes only because I knew mine would be legible and wasn't sure about letting him do it.  HOWEVER, I made him sit with me and help me come up with some of the wording especially for ppl that were on "his side".  We also had the conversation about how now that we are married, people see us even more as "them" and not each of us individually.  He needs to realize that if does something that makes him look bad, it makes both of you look bad, and you are not going to stand for that.
  • I also wrote all the thank you notes but for me it was so that I didn't have to fight with him to write them.  I  had to argue with him to write the 3 thank you notes to his groomsmen for the rehearsal. 

    To be honest he never wrote thank you notes growing up and I did.  I even wrote thank yous to the staff at Quicken Loans who worked on helping us close ont he house.  I love receiving a thank you note and hope it makes others smile too.
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