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Someone to take care of my dogs on the wedding day?


Re: Someone to take care of my dogs on the wedding day?

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    I am giving my advice under the impression that these are inside animals and not accustomed to spending full days outside in a kennel or other optional enclosure. Meaning that there's not a place for these animals to be for an entire day.

    But I agree, most animals are perfectly fine outside. I grew up in farm country and it was not uncommon to have multiple outdoor animals. But they always had the option of a barn/machine building etc to find shelter in. And always had food and water outside. 

    There is a big difference between sled dogs which are working dogs (like working horses and other similar animals) and are treated far differently then a family pet which spends the majority of his/her time inside on the couch.  Both are loved and well cared for but their "use" is completely different.

    So unless OP keeps her dogs outside 24/7 and has the adequate kennels and enclosures and area to roam, then no she should just not leave her dogs outside all day on her wedding day.  And if you are in a suburban/urban area there is a good chance that your dog could be taken right out of your yard if you are not home/supervising.
    I guess that's fair. I have always had dogs out in the country, so I don't think about dogs just getting nabbed out of city backyards, or not being used to being outside alone. Ours are pampered, loved pets - the most "work" the Pyrenees does is cat herding. (The cats do not like this game.) But they are pampered outside haha. The Pyr wouldn't leave enough room on the couch for the people hahah.
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    justsie said:

    I would leave them outside with plenty of water for the day. If that won't work for you then you can maybe ask a neighbor to pop in and take them out?

    What is wrong with you???!!!!!

    OP, give me a sec, I am raging. Don't take this horrible advice.

    Call a doggy daycare in your area and inquire about hiring someone to watch them.  A dear friend of mine works for one and they often board dogs for just a day and do at home visits. 

    ETA: You have animals in your care? And you think that is okay??!!! I'm going to be sick.

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    Maybe it's my more rural location compared to some more suburban/urban posters, but I don't think dogs or other pets have to be inside animals to be well cared for. They just have to be well cared for. Fed per their schedule, fresh water 24/7/365, cool places to be when it's warm and warm places to be when its cool, loved on and played with and kept clean and exercised. Have I seen some poorly cared for animals? Yeah, sure. But the mere fact that someone has outside dogs instead of inside dogs, doesn't equate to animal abuse.

    I was equally confused reading the reaction to a dog being outside. I glanced out the window at my dog napping on the back deck and thought maybe I'm a shitty pet owner. He spends about 75% of his time outside, by his own choice. The door onto our back deck doesn't latch properly and he knows how to get in and out of the house. 
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    Check with your vet, they may offer a boarding service. Mine does for about $18/day. They take my dog for walks, have play time, down time, and also give him a bath during each stay. He loves it because he gets to socialize with other dogs, plus, if he needs medical care, he's already at the vet's office.
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  • My fiance and I have a hound/lab mix and he refuses to come inside. If we take him in the house he stands at the door and whines until we let him back out (into the fenced backyard).
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