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Weather in August!

We're getting married in Vegas on August 22nd, woohoo! Thing is, FH really, REALLY wants an outdoor ceremony in a natural setting. I'm thinking we, along with our guests, run a significant risk of dissolving into small puddles of sweat and regret. Talking to some vendors, most are saying that if we did it at sunset, it would be hot but not so hot we'd be miserable... but of course, they get our money no matter how the weather turns out, so I'm not sure whether I should take their word for it.

So I turn to you, Knotties. Is an outdoor wedding in Vegas in August possible, at any time of day?

(Fwiw, we're keeping it pretty casual -- I'm not at all opposed to wearing a short or lightweight dress, and I've already told my guests they can wear whatever they want.)

Re: Weather in August!

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    It will be hot as hell. Seriously, outdoor ceremony isn't a wise decision, for mid day. Maybe a night ceremony?

    This site tells you everything you will need to know - https://weatherspark.com/averages/31890/8/Las-Vegas-Nevada-United-States
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  • I wouldn't do a ceremony at all in August...it is HOT! Even at night it is still 100 at night. I would be worried about looking sweaty in all my photos. 
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  • If he wants an outdoor ceremony, maybe compromise and get something like the Mandalay Bay Vista Suite that has LOTS of outdoor views but is enclosed. Or get the Cosmo Wrap-Around suite  that has a small outdoor balcony.
  • It will be soo hot. Last time I went in August, there was a heat advisory in effect, asking people to stay indoors as much as possible. The temp was at least 110!
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    Precisely as I expected, ladies -- thank you for confirming! I think I've sold him on going out another time of year for a photo shoot in the areas he likes (Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, etc), and on a lovely -- indoor -- ceremony. ^_^

  • I'm getting married at sunset a week before you. I wouldn't chance it any earlier in the day. I'm still taking a gamble with sunset but it works for us.
  • Where are you having your ceremony, caesarsbride? My FH specifically wanted the Valley of Fire.
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    Caesars Palace in one of their gardens. I'm sure there's a way for you two to compromise.
  • Yeah I'd pass on an outdoor August ceremony even if it's just a few minutes long.  You know weddings always have some type of delay, and I wouldn't want guests sitting in that heat for 15 minutes potentially, maybe even longer.

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