Please help with hair recommendations!

Hi ladies!

My name is Rachel, new to the boards.  My wedding is October and we are getting married at the Cincinnati Nature Center, I have booked Brideface because I have heard amazing things about their makeup!  However, I need to set up hair and I need an opinions ASAP.  Does anyone know of a great hair stylists or team that is reasonably priced? I really can't find any, please help with any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Re: Please help with hair recommendations!

  • Hi! I am using Brideface for my makeup too. You may want to ask them if they have recommendations for hair since they work so closely with stylists. I have my hair done at Benefit Studio (Columbia Tusculum) and they are going to do my wedding hair. Bridal parties can go to the salon or they will come to you for a slightly higher price. 
  • Thank you soooooo much Andrea!!!! I was going to use brideface for hair as well but I just wanted to shop around for pricing options. :) Or if anyone knew anyone that was amazing!!!
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    It's better to have them come to you on your location saves you a lot of stress
  • what can one expect to be charged for wedding day hair and make up done not at the salon ( thinking of having them come to the wedding day suit at the hotel by the church)
  • Jessie from Parlour is amazing - like a miracle worker. She's done my hair since I was 17 and I've never been let down. In fact, her entire team at Parlour is amazing.

  • Michelle from marxeymakeup does both hair & make-up. Her prices are great and she runs specials on her Facebook all the time. I've used her for several years now and look amazing at an affordable price. I recommend her to everyone and they all loved her as well. Her website is Marxeymakeup.webs.com it's best to look at it on a computer. Hope this helps!
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