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  • @untouchablests yay for the new car and vacation! I want a vacation so much to get away from this stupid winter weather.

    @nycgal85 I hope you find a venue you love soon! Seem like the Pelham place might be a good option- $75 p/p for food and full open bar sounds good to me. The venue we ended up picking was not my "dream" venue but it ended up being the nicest and best value for our budget. I am happy with our choice- besides the fact that is OOT for almost everyone. 

  • @cocobellaf sending you all the job vibes!!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @CLoGreenEyes When did you start seeing this guy? I didn't know you were dating! :)

    @Swazzle It sounds like your weekend was amazing! I wish I could've been there with you and @GoldenPenguin, @Hummingbird125 and @cscousa1

    @southernpeach89 Why did they shut the bard down so early???? I would've grabbed 5 glasses of beer/wine too!

    @minskat30 Happy Anniversary!!

    @KeptInStitches Why are you digging out your beautiful peonies?? I'm so sad! :( I just planted three peonies this weekend though so hopefully it balances out. ;)

    @CocoBellaF Sounds like you're getting so much done in your garden! I wish I was as far along...

    I'm so tired this morning. I swear every single Monday morning in March has been gloomy and rainy. I really just wanted to sleep in this morning.

    Yesterday I got a TON done in the backyard. I finished clearing the space that will be our garden, so now I need to till it up and fence it in to keep deer and other animals out. I also dug up probably two wheelbarrows worth of weeds around the edges of the lawn and the spaces we want to fill in with mulch. Now I need to rake and smooth it all out so I can lay down landscape fabric and cover in mulch and I'll be done! I also planted three peonies (two root stocks and one established plant). H worked on installing a bathroom fan in our master bath but it didn't go so well (missing parts plus other stuff) and now I have a big hole in my ceiling....hopefully he finishes the project tonight.

    Saturday H and I cleaned all day in preparation for our friends to come over for dinner! It was a great time! We had burgers and goat cheese stuffed peppers and sweet potato fries and guac and my friend made this Canadian dessert called Nanaimo bars?? I dunno, they were delicious (and super sweet)! We played CAH and some other games.

  • @minskat30 and @labro I was asking myself the same question lolol. I looked at Sean when they told everyone that and I was like, "You better go stock up lol"
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    @CocoBellaF - Good luck with job! It sounds like a great opportunity for you!

    @Southernpeach89 - Yay for a healthy baby! And it's so exciting that you get to find out the sex soon!

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  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @minskat30 - Happy anniversary!

    @TwoDimes - Awww, that was so sweet of them to get you that present! And getting a Kindle fire for yourself sounds nice too! Let me know what you think of it, I've considered buying one.

    @nycgal85 - I hope you end up loving one of the next venues. The castle sounds so epic, but sometimes it's just not worth the extra cost. Good luck with the hunt, lady.

    @CocoBellaF - Good vibes have been sent!


    So does someone want to tell me the story behind "FartBubbler"? @Swazzle? People on here seem to genuinely hate this chick.

    Friday night we said goodbye to our friends that are moving up to the Seattle area. Their little boy was my dog's best friend. :( It was the girl's birthday so I got tons of bbq stuff and an awesome cookies and cream cake, and we hung out until they left and us girls cried, haha.

    On Saturday I did 12 tons of laundry, but also filled 2 garbage bags with old clothes to either toss or donate. It makes me realize that I pretty much only own button up shirts and need to do some shopping for tops. In the afternoon, BF and I went to a spice shop and I fell in love with roasted garlic powder. It smells just like you're pulling bulbs of garlic out of the oven. I think that this week I will ONLY cook things that I can incorporate the seasoning into.

    Yesterday was BF's dad's 50th. Everyone was really nice to him, considering he's been going through somewhat of a midlife crisis. So I took the reigns and made sure to mention his age at EVERY possible moment. He might hate me now, but I'm pretty sure he had fun with it.

  • Good Morning all!

    Had a fairly quiet weekend. Spent the weekend with kiddos and SO.  The kids will be with their dad this weekend, so we had our own little Easter with the kids yesterday.  We colored eggs, and then SO and I hid them for the kids. We had a great time!  Feeling pretty down that they won't be here for Easter, but will spend it with SO's family so hopefully it will be a decent distraction.

    Can't seem to get motivated this morning much like the rest of you. Blech.

    @CocoBellaF - Good luck!

    @Southernpeach89 - Glad to hear the test results were good! Waiting to find out the sex is oh so hard!!

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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    @AlPacina - Fartbubbler is a user who is just full of crazy drama and has posted and GBCK'd under several different usernames. A lot of posters are not fond of her because we spent a lot of time giving her advice on issues she would post about just for her to ignore all of it but then continue to post about her drama, asking for advice over and over and over again.

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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @clogreeneyes, it means that I'm certified to look at the clouds and know what I'm seeing, especially in the case of strong/severe thunderstorms.

    @labro, the peonies are going because they're not my type of flower, not my color, and I'm sure they're to blame for my ants last summer. We're trying to "rehome" them, but since peonies don't like to be transplanted I'm not sure how successful we'll be. Oh well.
  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @bethsmiles - Ooooo, I see. Must not have been hard to keep track of her, if she kept switching names and everything! Haha

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @CLoGreenEyes I'm happy you're happy and that you're having a good time!! Enjoy it!

  • @southernpeach89 yay for healthy baby! I'd be dying to find out the sex! I know many people still like it to be a surprise but if it is possible to find out I would have to. I'm too impatient and I'd be too excited.

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  • KeptInStitches You can rehome them to me! haha I'm sure they'll make it through the mail.

    @southernpeach89 Yay for a healthy baby! I vote girl, just because of the heart rate each appointment. 

    CocoBellaF Good luck!! 

    @nycgal85 Pelham sounds like the best deal.  What do you mean by off beat?  From the venues you're looking at it sounds like you're looking for more traditional. 

    I barely slept last week so I spent the entire weekend catching up on sleep.  Friday I helped my bf with the house.  Between lack of sleep and having an allergic reaction to the dust, I was miserable.  

    Nothing really exciting going on until the end of the week.  This week will be mostly housework. I have off Friday so my sister and I are getting pedicures. We also have to run a bunch of errands because Easter is at her house.  My entire family will be arriving Sunday morning.  I'm sure there will be trips to see my house since no one has seen it yet (even though it is still a construction zone).  We will be spending the evening with my bf's family in NJ. 
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  • @speakeasy14 - We are really thinking about doing a Harry Potter themed wedding, so that's definitely a little off-beat and less moderny and glamorous. We really like historic places, stuff like that.
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  • @nycgal85 ok, have you looked at The Green Building, Carroll Gardens? It isn't an all inclusive, but it definitely fits that historic/HP kind of charm, plus you can set up the tables to look like the Great Hall.  
  • @speakeasy14 - I just looked at it, it looks cool. They already seem to be booking up fast though for next spring!
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    FI very lovingly shared his cooties with me, and I came down with whatever he has last night. I felt a little ooky last night before bed, but it got way worse overnight. My throat hurt so bad that it woke me up around 5am. It felt very similar to when they intubated me during my sinus surgery-- basically ON FIRE. It hurt to swallow too. I got up and had some peppermint tea and took some allergy meds, and that soothed my throat enough to fall back asleep. I stayed home from work today, and I'll likely be home tomorrow too because I couldn't get an appointment with my ENT until tomorrow morning. I've slept off and on most of the day, and I took some ibuprofen when I started developing aches. I just took my temperature, and I have a fever, so that really sucks. Based on the headache accompanying this mess, it feels like a sinus infection. However, my throat isn't normally this bad with sinus infections, so I'm worried it might be strep. I've never had strep, but the symptoms match up. 

    Sorry, just had to whine for a bit. I had a lot of stuff to do today at work, and I also needed to go to the post office to get stamps for our Save the Dates and the grocery store because we re out of almost everything. Stupid illness getting in the way... 

    I hope you all have a much better day!

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    @CocoBellaF - Lots of job vibes! I hope you can make a change!

    @southernpeach89 - Yay for health baby peach! FSIL and her H made an extra appointment to find out the sex of their baby #2 as soon as they possibly could, they were dying to know!

    @eilis1228 - Booo that sucks :( I caught whatever was going around our office and still don't feel 100% over it.

    My mom just stopped by my work to drop off RSVPs. FI and I have another 20 to open tonight!

    AAAAAND (I can't believe I didn't post about this sooner) one of my girlfriends from work is getting married at the end of May! She and her now-FI had to bump up their timeline significantly because of his immigration, and originally they were going to do city-hall, dinner with family, party at a friend's place, and I was sad that I wouldn't be able to go to her actual ceremony. But then some things changed and fell into place, and they were able to book a small venue and she can invite the people from work that she's close with and I AM SO EXCITED! I was their first RSVP and I am loving having someone to talk to about weddings at work!



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    labroeilis1228[Deleted User]LizzyTish88
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @eilis1228 Feel better soon!

    @lmcooper86 20 RSVPs? WOW? How many more are you waiting on?

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