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Graduate Degree Question

Good Morning,

So I've recently been faced with a decision on whether or not I want to pursue my MBA. Well, I guess the decision isn't more so on line of whether or not I want to do it, but more so when I want to do it. Since most of the MBA programs that I looked into are 2-3 year programs, I want to start one as soon as possible. However, my BF and I have been having some pretty serious conversations about engagement and marriage, and decided that we want to try to get married by early 2017. I know that everyones experience is different, but I've seen so many friends (married, w/ kids, single, w/o kids, etc.) complain abuout how it can be very difficult and time consuming, and I dont want to jeopardize one for the other.

Have any of you pursued a masters or doctorates degree while planning a wedding? While I'm sure its doable, was it extremely difficult? Would you advise doing it after the wedding? I know that we're not even engaged yet, but I just want to figure out if I should wait or get it started.

Thanks Ladies!

Re: Graduate Degree Question

  • I would rather pursue my MBA before kids if possible.  I think planning a wedding and doing your MBA is do-able, if you are good about time management.
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    A few different people in my grad program were planning weddings while still in the program. They all handled it fine.

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    You're getting ahead of yourself here. You aren't even engaged yet and even if you were to get engaged rightthissecond you'd still be at least 2 years away from your potential 2017 wedding SO with that said.

    1. Go get your MBA!!!!

    Seriously. :)

    You can totally plan a wedding while being an MBA candidate. Wedding planning really isn't that hard or ridiculously time consuming (it takes as much time as you give it, especially if you do tons of DIY) and you still have two years until you hit you and your BF's desired time.

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  • Keep in mind that your timeline could change drastically.  What if you don't get engaged anytime soon?  What if the 2017 wedding gets pushed back drastically.  These things do happen, so I wouldn't lay down specific plans around any potential engagement that may of may not happen when you think it will.

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  • I have to agree with @cu97tiger about working before starting your MBA.   Even if you have only a year of work experience before starting your MBA.   I am currently getting my masters and started after working 3 years.  There are so many people in the program that finished their undergrad and immediately continued.  They struggle, a lot. 

    That being said, don't put off getting an education for a wedding.  Both can be accomplished at the same time. Wedding planning, or any kind of event planning, does not take up a lot of time. 
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  • I agree with @cu97tiger

    I have an MBA I waited about 3 years after undergrad with some real work experience before applying to programs.  There definitely was a difference between those of us in my program straight from undergrad and those with real world experience.

    School and wedding planning are possible. I'd focus on school and jobs first.


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  • Thanks for all your input, I think I was trying to think too deep into it. I'm definitely going to jump on this thing and hope to start in the fall!
    @cu97tiger I am 25 and finished my undergrad in 2012. I've been working since graduation, so I will have three years work experience come June.
  • I just want to be clear, I'm not speaking about any other master's program other than an MBA when I say I think 5 years of real world experience will enhance your education. An MBA is specifically teaching business concepts, and if you haven't run across ANY of them, you just won't get the same ROI.

    If you're thinking you'll get married in 2017, why not start your MBA around/just after you get married. If it's a 2 year program, you can always start trying to have a kid 7-8 months before the end of the program. We had at least two women in our full-time program that got pregnant and/or had kids during the program.
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    I am in a doctoral program and can definitely, definitely recommend working before grad school. Grad school is not necessary for everyone, and honestly, while I really DO want my doctorate for what I'd like to do with my life (teaching at the college level), it's pretty damn awful and I hate it.

    From my experience and what I've heard from other grad students, post-docs, and even faculty members in my field, it's never going to get easier to have kids at any point. A lot of people I know have recommended having kids before I graduate (which isn't going to happen because my stipend barely covers my own cost of living and my husband doesn't make much more).

    As for planning a wedding, it was stressful to do that while in grad school, but it's always stressful. I really wouldn't put off grad school or a wedding to wait for the other one.
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    Agree with everything PP have said about planning while in grad school.....but most importantly think it's best not to put career/education goals on hold for a wedding. A wedding is 1 day, your education is forever.
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  • I would get my MBA sooner rather than later just because saying you will do it "someday" is so easy to put off.

    I'm also a teacher and will thus be attending school for most of my life. School does not cause my stress so getting married during school wouldn't be a big deal. You may have to postpone your honeymoon if that would be an issue to you (we are doing ours a year late but had nothing to do with school)
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