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s/o Being an Open Book (oversharing)

I have a 16 y.o. daughter out in the world.  Crazy. 

I'm so thankful that my life has been molded into what it has.  I realize how many opportunities I afforded myself by making the decision I did.

That was hard to say, but I'm finally getting there. 

Re: s/o Being an Open Book (oversharing)

  • ::hugs::

    I know I've made a lot of decisions, big and small, that have taken a long time for me to get to a point where I accept them and realize that they are the best ones I made.

    Do you keep in contact with her at all?
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    I don't PMEG, I know there is a way, and I think it's time I contact her parents and see if they're cool with any updates from her.  I haven't seen pictures since she was probably 12 or so.  A lot happens during those years.  Yep. 
  • I know my cousin sees her son about once a year. She does live nearby though so it makes it easier. Unfortunately, he's at an age where he's sort of confused about adoption and she now has another kid so it is a little tricky for her and his parents to explain the whole thing.
  • I have a dream that they send you a picture where she has put her entire fist in her mouth.  ;)
  • O, good for you for getting there.:)
  • i have a dream where they send you a picture, it's from a marathon, and you are running in it too.
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    I'm glad you are peace (even a little). Such an incredibly selfless act of love.
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