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Return Address Stamp Ink Smearing

Using a custom return address rubber stamp for use on RSVP and Invitation envelopes.  After stamping all of the RSVP envelopes with a white pigment ink stamp pad,  I discovered that the ink was smearing when touched & also onto the other envelopes when stacked..  I left them overnight to dry but they are still smearing when touched, leaving a chalky residue on my fingers.  Has anyone had this problem or have advice?  Will a fixative spray work?

Re: Return Address Stamp Ink Smearing

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    IMO, I would scratch the stamp idea and just write/print the address onto the envelope.

    It sounds to me like your envelope may be made out of some type of paper that will just not accept the ink you are using.  Don't waste your time on this.  Go with an easy plan B and call it a day. Remember, at the end of the day it is a tiny envelope that not many guests will really look at or care how the address was added.

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