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Going Clear

Anyone else watch it yet? (Scientology documentary on HBO)

Uhm, why does anyone join Scientology?  I mean, it's such a WTF-fest from day 1. 

The documentary was just OK.  I do want to read the book now.  It does seem theybarely skimmed the surface of crazy during the movie. 

Re: Going Clear

  • I'm watching now actually.
  • I read the book and it is frightening.
  • Okay, I finished.

    I think it gives a very broad overview of Scientology and some of it's problems. But there is soooo much more that they have done that is horrible. When I was in HS, there was a very serious death at one of their properties in FL. This woman was basically kept for a month with no medical care, limited food and water, and was given "sessions" instead of actual help. I can't remember the outcome, but I do remember that is was appalling and much of it had to do with their status as a religious organization.

    I have not read the book (I want to) but I imagine that it's basically chock full of the more horrifying details.

    I think it's either Marty Rathbun or Mark Rinder, but one of them actually still identifies as a Scientologist. He just doesn't "practice" with the Church of Scientology.

    They are a weird, weird group. I think it would be ideal if the IRS stripped their tax exempt status but I doubt that it will happen.
  • Also:

    ^^ That is some freaky, disturbing shit. 

    People should be more afraid of Scientology vs. the 'Illumanati'. 
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    "Clear" reminds me of this lady---
  • Stupid question alert:

    I don't have HBO. Any other way I can watch this?

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  • KatWAG said:

    Stupid question alert:

    I don't have HBO. Any other way I can watch this?

    I don't think so. It may come out on Prime/Hulu/Netflix later, but that would be like a few months from now.  

    Find a friend with HBOGo that will let you borrow their log-in? 
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