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Did you have one? Would you recomend it? Was it worth the cost? Pros? Cons? TIA!
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Re: Photo Booth

  • We splurged to get one and it was worth every penny... guests kept a strip of pictures, we got one. We also got the flash drive with all of the pictures (individual and strips) as well as all of the videos that were taken. It was a big hit with the guests and the hubby and I loved to see all the pictures!
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  • My daughter had one.  It was well worth the cost.  The guests had a ball with it (and no, it does not detract from the dancing portion of the program at all!). 

    As other posters have suggested, the photos can easily "double" as the favor.  Purchasing acrylic photo frames can also double as escort card holders as well!  Guests can take their escort card frame to their table, and then insert their photo into them before they leave for the evening.

    If your wedding is really not until September of 2013, I will make one suggestion.  My daughter had time on her side insofar as purchasing props for her photobooth, and took advantage of clearance sales the day after Halloween.  She really thought about a few of her guests/close friends/family members and tried to "personalize" some of the props, knowing how much more fun it would make the experience.  She bought items that capitalized on inside jokes, childhood memories, and current "trends".  She also included small dry erase boards, so guests could write messages to include in their photos.

    One strip of each taken photo was used to create a guest/memory book for the bride and groom.  The pictures and messages are priceless!
  • We had a photobooth, where the photographer took the pic and now we're including them in the Thank You notes. Everyone had a blast in it! Kids, adults, even my 86 year old grandmother got all dressed up in it. It was fantastic!
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