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I am getting married in 12 days - YIPPY! My future son in-law is 10 years old. We've known each other for 3 years and have built our relationship on friendship. I'd like to write him a letter and give him a small gift on the wedding day.

My fiance and I are exchanging our written personal vows the night before. I thought that that would be a good time for my son in-law to read his letter too.

Any ideas on a nice gift? Or what to say? I've been planning on writing this letter for days now. I know it is all very personal. I have 100 things I want to tell him without overwhelming him or being too gooshy.

Happy Planning!

Re: Future Son In-Law

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    My mind is totally out of control right now - I meant my step-son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else having brain cramps?
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    Oh my goodness!!! When I first read this, I literally thought you were an excited mother-of-the-bride talking about her 10 year old future son-in-law about to get married!!!!

    Then the second comment cleared things up!!! LOLOLOL
    What kinds of things does he like? Maybe a customized super-hero cup or hat would be cute! Or maybe a monogrammed shirt or watch he can wear, a bit more grown-up, but he's 10 years old and he's probably feeling more grown up now than he did a year ago :)
    A quick search on etsy gave me this, and I think this is simple but extremely sentimental and age appropriate for him, 

    Love Made You My Son* Blended Family Gift* Blended Family Wedding* Step Son Wedding Gift* Step Son Keychain* Personalized*

    Whatever you do, it's going to come from your heart! Don't feel pressure to give him something perfect or feel pressured that your words have to come out perfectly. Your bond is going to grow stronger and you two will become closer, and you'll be more than just a step-mom with this marriage. 

    Best wishes and congratulations!

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