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Share your wedding details!!

When I was in the midst of my wedding planning, I remember thinking "I wish there was a beautiful wedding i could copy detail for detail."  While I found blogs upon blogs upon blogs with some wedding details, not everything was there. Like...what is in that flower arrangement?  What was her overall theme?  What is the style/color/designer of the bridesmaids dresses and shoes?  And so on.  I would have loved to have a website where all the details were laid out!

For us busy brides, it can be hard to find the time to create a wedding theme and all the "products" to go with it.  I say...why reinvent the wheel?  Just copy someone else's wedding that you happen to love. 

If you had one of those "amazing" weddings, I would love to hear all about it.  I want to see the pictures and hear about all of the details down to the greenery used in the flower arrangements and the color of the invitation lettering.  Please email me all the details with your name and contact information (just email is fine) at

I can't wait to hear from you!


Re: Share your wedding details!!

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    Why would you want to copy someone else's wedding? That's really creepy and weird.
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    I have to admit, I LOVE that idea!

    I've been struggling with getting things set up and finding the "perfect" types of things for my wedding, but there are a few things - bouquets, for instance - that I would want to copy exactly... if I knew what kind of flowers they were...

    There are other details like that where if I knew how to execute them like OP is suggesting, it would be fabulous...

    Or if TK wants to go more in depth in their featured weddings... Wink
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    Can't you just read through bride's bios? I find that ost of them are pretty detailed...
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