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It's so pretty outside. Why am I here???

I need to win the lotto.

Re: It's so pretty outside. Why am I here???

  • It's beautiful here too. 
  • How much would you need to win to quit your job?
  • To quit? At least $5 mil after taxes.  Pay off all debts, give ourselves an allowance, and then invest the rest. 

    If we only won a couple million, we would keep working.  Or at least I'd keep my job.  DH would probably quit his and find something else.  He'd also probably try and get a business going on the side that he could transition to full time eventually. 

    I think I'd have to do something.  I could not just not work.  I'd have to volunteer or something.  
  • Yes, I was thinking at least five too. I would volunteer and maybe start some kind of etsy store. Ha. Not sure selling what because I am so not creative. Maybe outsource something. I don't know.
  • DH and I have talked about this on and off.  We buy lotto tickets once in a blue moon. 

    Would you take the lump or the payments? 
  • I'm good with money so I think the lump sum, but if I was horrible with money, then I would go with the payments. Some people can't handle bags of money landing in their lap or checking account.

    I would need proper advising like anyone else, but I could live within my means if it means I could quit my job.
  • Yes, we've talked about who we would call first.  Financial advisor and lawyer are our top priority. 

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    We spent 9- 10 outside this morning.  I had something crazy happen to my computer so I spent 0 to 1:30 dragging the kids to: Best Buy, Target, Lowe's, JoAnn Fabric, Panera, Best Buy, a little courtyard to run for 30 mins, back to Best Buy.  Luckily we could walk from store to store.  Then we were outside all afternoon while I worked.  It was awesome.
  • DefConn will be on his new John Deere powerwheels gator from the time he gets home until the battery is dead.  He just rides that thing in circles around the yard until it's dead.  :) I can't wait to get off work and sit on the deck with a beer. 
  • nola, you have a chance -- marry for money, yo.
  • Girl, I would be flexible on teeth, if he was loaded and I could quit my job.
  • It has been pretty outside lately, @NOLABridesmaid !

    Nice to meet more people in NOLA!
  • Nice to meet you too, eden. I'm not in Nola anymore, but I get home about three times a year.

    I am so craving some boiled crawfish, a snowball, and a half oyster/half shrimp poboy. Bad.

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