Picking out dresses

We are have a laid back wedding. Though the colors a Indy colts, I've decided to let my 6yo daughter and fiances 6yo niece pick out their flower girl dresses. They both agreed on a cute dress from eBay... white with a rainbow sash and rainbow butterflies. I don't really mind as long as they have fun. Has anyone else let little ones pick their own things even if it doesn't go with the colors or theme? I'm paying for both dresses and almost thought about having finger paints for them to do a mini trash the dress at the end. Its in our backyard so no one to tell us we can't except nieces parents which I will ask before hand.

Re: Picking out dresses

  • Mine didn't pick the dress but she wants long gloves and s tiara (she is 6). neither of this really go with the rest of the wedding but if she wants to wear those and it makes her happy I'm all for it. Let them wear the dress they like. The rainbow sash won't clash with blue
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