Recommendations on Photographer PLEASE HELP!

Hi ladies,

I really need help to find an engagement photographer booked ASAP to take pictures in 2 months!  I just moved her from Ohio and the wedding is in ohio and I have a photogapher booked for that, but need good reccomendations for a reasonably priced photgarpher (thats well known)

Please let me know asap! Thank you! I know no one in the area.

Re: Recommendations on Photographer PLEASE HELP!

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    We didn't go with her, but Stephanie Kaloi was one of our top choices for a wedding photographer. I don't know what "reasonably priced" or "well-known" means to you, but she was within our budget, and she has had some of her weddings featured in Portland Bride and Groom Magazine, I believe. She has a website, so if you Google her she will come up.

    But without knowing your budget or what you really mean by "well-known," I can't really give you any good suggestions.
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