Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

I miss being a bride.

This is going to sound really whiny and like a 1st world problem big time, but I'm only 5 days post-wedding and I really miss being a bride. I miss getting to pick out pretty things for the wedding. I miss talking about decor and flowers and accessories. I miss the wedding day itself and how fun it all was, and I'm sad that it went by so fast, I feel I can barely remember anything even though it wasn't even a week ago - it feels like a year ago. 

I LOVE my husband, and SO glad to be married to him. So it's nothing even remotely like regret... It's just knowing that this was a time in my life that I'll never get back again because I plan on staying married to this man forever.

It's just a weird, bizarre sadness. Has anyone else felt this way? How long does it last? How do you make it go away? 

Re: I miss being a bride.

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    I've been married almost a year now and I miss it at times!  I don't miss the planning at all, but I miss that day! It went SO fast.  I still look at my photos all the time!
  • I've been married 4 days at this point and understand exactly what you mean. I keep thinking "that's it, I'll never get to have that awesome fun day again" lol. And mostly I just want to relive our ceremony
  • I miss the celebration, but I don't really care about being a "bride".

    I liked being engaged though. I liked that random strangers were excited for me. People aren't really as excited for you to be married.

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