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Color Scheme

I'm curious what everyone is choosing for their color scheme. I am having the hardest time trying to decide. I hope hearing some other summer wedding colors will help to give me some inspiration!

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Re: Color Scheme

  • We're doing different shades of two colors (Coral/Blush and Sage/Aqua) with an Ivory dress and light grey tuxes.  We'll be using gold, copper, and silver accents on the tables.  I find that the warm colors work well with the natural setting of our venue.  Perhaps you could see what color inspiration your venue can bring or consider how you want things to feel at the wedding (romantic = light and soft colors, fun = bold and bright colors, dramatic = dark and strong colors, etc.)  When I chose my colors, I also made sure they worked with my fiance's  and my skin tone.  Maybe I'm vain, but I want us to look good in random photos without anything clashing with the overall look. 


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  • Those colors sound nice together. Is your venue outdoors?
    We have had a few ideas that we've changed several times. Well first we weren't going to do a color we were going to do a theme and no specific color. But I wanted to do video games as the theme and FI thought it would confuse a lot of our guests, which it probably would so we scrapped that. Then we were thinking pastels but if we did pastels we wanted to do pastel pink, peach, violet, yellow, turquoise and mint. Which with our wedding party we could easily do 1 color per person with no repeats which would look nice but we weren't sure if that would be too Easter-y. So thats on the back burner right now. Another option is pastel pink, violet, and blue; like cotton candy; still not sure on that one but it is one of my faves. Current fave, (haven't changed it yet this week haha) is fuchsia, teal, and dark purple.  

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  • I chose mine based on my favorite flowers. I love red roses, so red was a must. After that, we let the season dictate the rest of the complementary colors. So since red is a bold color, everything else will be very muted with ivory, white, gold, champagne, and very light pink. For the most part I knew that I wanted a bouquet of red roses, my bridesmaids in red dresses, and the groomsmen to have red rose boutonierres, and let my florist pick everything else with the directions to complement those things and make it "summery". 

    Also, I think there are ways to incorporate video games without confusing guests if that's something that you really want. Do you have a favorite game that you could base your color scheme off of without including things that would confuse your guests? For instance, a Super Mario theme could have very bright colors, but you wouldn't have to include the actual characters. I hope that made sense. Something like this: 

    Also, my FI and I like video games too, and many of our friends are really into it. We are going to try to incorporate an "achievement" scavenger hunt, where guests have to do certain "side quests" for nothing other than bragging rights. Such quests could include getting a picture with 5 people in the photo booth, trying every beer offered at the bar, trying each flavor of cake, dancing with the groom's grandmother, etc. It goes along with a video game theme without leaving out guests that don't play video games. 

  • I've also been thinking about basing my colors on the flowers I want. I really want hydrangeas so I may end up going with pastel pink, purple and blue. But I'm not 100% on that yet. 

    For the video game thing I want to have each table be a different game instead of a number. So there's not any specific game that I could do the whole thing with.  And its not enough to do a complete theme with it. I think I'm just going to not do a theme and just go with colors.

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  • @missglitter89 my fiance and I don't really have a theme either, and that's okay! You could probably describe it as a more formal affair, but other than that and some little nerdy touches (like the aforementioned achievements) we don't have a theme. 

    And I like the video game name idea for tables. I don't think that would be too confusing, even if the guests aren't familiar with the game itself. 

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    I'm just beginning the color scheme process.  There are so many options!  Right now, I really like the combination of gold and coral with some variation of pinks and greens as well.  I like your Gerbera Daisy idea too!  Such a bright and cheery flower!
  • We're using coral and navy blue as the main colours but I want to include heliconia's (an orange & yellow plant) throughout all the floral arrangements. The ceremony & Reception are tentatively at the same location and will be indoors but I'm considering doing an outdoor cocktail hour and just keeping it as natural as possible, so whatever is in bloom in the adjoining garden will be the main focus.
  • Nothing is 100% set in stone yet but we think we're going to go with green, purple, and pink in jewel tones. I know it doesn't sound that great together but it's going to look waaaay better than it sounds. I promise! Lol. 

    If it helps, I'm a bridesmaid in my Uncle's wedding next month and their color scheme is gold and pale pink.
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