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MOB and MOG can't agree

If anyone can help.

My mother and my MIL have been going back and forth over the bridal shower. My mom is a full generation older than my MIL so they don't agree on much. My mom would like a traditional shower at the house with all the grandmother's and great grandmother's involved. My MIL would like to do a sip and paint with my friends and a few close family members. I don't drink but I enjoy the painting aspect of it. I love them both dearly and I'm caught in the middle. I don't mind either idea but they're going to make me choose. What should I do?


Re: MOB and MOG can't agree

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    Since a shower is a gift giving event (in fact, pretty much the only point of the event is to shower the guest of honor with gifts), I agree that the painting is more of a girls night or bachelorette activity.  Because then you're still stuck with needing somewhere for people to sit and for gift opening to take place (our local wine and painting place wouldn't have enough room for that) and hopefully a few snacks to take the edge off the wine.

    Honestly, I think showers are best in the sort of traditional format.  You show up, maybe play a game or two, eat and drink and chit chat, watch the guest of honor open gifts, go home.  You don't really need to make it bigger than that.

    However, if they are both unwilling to budge and you genuinely like both ideas, then you just have two showers.  They each host one for their respective families.

  • I also agree that a painting party would be weird during a shower. Where/when would you open the gifts?? How long would that make the entire event if you had to eat, paint, AND open gifts? Doesn't seem very practical.

    That said though, if they both insist and can't agree, they're free to host separate showers with separate guest lists. That would make it easier for the painting aspect anyway, to have fewer people there. Nobody wants to go to a 4 hour long wedding shower.

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    Ditto PPs. The "traditional" shower seems more practical and appealing for a shower.
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    I agree that the painting party seems more like a bach party than a shower. Maybe there's some compromise there. Let them plan their own parties.
  • Thanks to everyone for the responses. The suggestions actually doing like me. I am also not interested in the whole stripper bachelorette party thing. Going to suggest it to both ladies. Hope it works!
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