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Advice Needed for DIY Centerpieces :)

Hi everyone! My best friend is getting married in August and we are working on her centerpieces. We know what we want to do - the ever popular vase filled with water, with flowers/rocks inside and a floating candle on top. She wants to use fake flowers (she is on a budget) and we found some that we loved at Hobby Lobby. We bought enough material to just make one so we could see what we thought, which proved to be a great idea. We came home, put a sample one together and were in love with it....until we realize that the water was turning any visible glue on the flowers white, leaving huge white globs all over the flowers. It ended up not looking as nice as we'd hoped. She still wants to do her centerpieces that way, but we're wondering if anyone has any recommendations of a brand of flower or place to purchase flowers that are maybe a little better for use in these types of centerpieces. Or advice on what to do to avoid the glue issue with the ones she was hoping to use. Any suggestions will be considered extremely helpful, thank you guys in advance!!

Re: Advice Needed for DIY Centerpieces :)

  • What kind of flowers are you using? Like @ohannabelle said, fake flowers aren't necessarily any cheaper than real ones, so you may want to look into that option.
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  • I'm doing this. I used the $1 purple stems from A.C. Moore, they sat in the water for weeks without any problem. No dye running or the glue problem. Each stem was enough for 2 vases so it was a huge money saver. I even took them out and once they re-dried they looked fine.

    I've attached a pic (hopefully) of what they looked like after sitting in the water overnight.
  • Thank you so much for the replies! Sorry for the late response - audit week at work = little free time! I will suggest both to her...real may be the way to go! But yours look beautiful, Butterflyz...she may go that way too!
  • @butterflyz419 - I love your centerpieces! Where did you get those candles? We will have up to 20 tables at the wedding, so I'm worried about the cost of vases.  I'd love any suggestions! 
  • @Knottie5608643 I got my candles through Amazon. I price watched for weeks and got 72 candles for less than 60 dollars. They held up really well.
  • I would recommend real flowers! I'm not sure if you have a Jewel-Osco in your area but several friends of mine have fond that Jewel has the best flowers. Purchase a sturdy and strong flower and Jewel will let you pre-order then pick up the day you need them.
  • I've been experimenting with this too. I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. The only thing I have found is that darker flowers tend to have dye bleed into the water. I've had this one set up for about a week and it's doing fine. I think the key is to get the most real-looking fake flowers and make sure you can't see any glue before it goes in the water.
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